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Challenging for Engineers: Roundabouts Case

The Creative Middle Ground Approach

In this case, there is a discussion of roundabouts as challenging for engineers and an arguable method to lower the number of accidents on roads. Although it is the elegant solution to the issues of traffic congestion frequently present, emissions of gases from automobiles, and roadway fatalities, there are conflicts present. However, constructing roundabouts in those busy intersections where they are needed the most, i.e., on bypass roads and combined overpass, can be a successful middle-ground approach.

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Conflicting Interests

The conflicts are present in this case, making it necessary to choose where roundabouts are more beneficial than deteriorative carefully. Roundabouts can smooth traffic flow at busy junctions and reduce the probability of fatal accidents due to forcing drivers to lower their speed (Appendix – roundabouts, n.d.). However, it is difficult to navigate on them during bad weather, they provide no priority for emergency vehicles, and they are difficult for pedestrians, especially the visually impaired, to cross (Janous, 2016). They are also more cost-consuming to build while less expensive to maintain. Their efficiency significantly depends on the place conjunction they are constructed at.

Options Available

It is possible to list options available to an engineer in this case. Abandon the idea of building roundabouts. Neglect ADA mandating all transportation facilities be equally accessible to all the citizens and build roundabouts. Continue to develop roundabouts to make them more advanced and simpler in use for both pedestrians and drivers. Those are potential ways of resolving this case, each of which has its pros and cons.


It is possible to recommend constructing roundabouts only in some busy congestions where vehicles, especially heavy ones, are more frequently present, while the need for pedestrians to cross such conjunctions is rare. Further development of roundabouts is also due to ensure complete safety, simplicity of use, and cost-efficiency. It is likely that roundabouts are a useful intervention that needs to be applied only in certain situations.


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