Change Support and Managment by Administrators


Change is vital for the success of any organization, in the present and future. Change is not easy to implement. Many people will always resist change. They always want to stay in their current working environment. It is, therefore, the responsibility of managers to support the change in an organization. This essay discusses change management and support by administrators.

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Supporting change

At my current working place, morale and commitment of employees during times of change is sustained through involving them in decision making. This strategy alone has not been successful. Therefore, additional strategy needs to be embraced.

Administrators need to be highly alert and watchful in regards to things and situations that are likely to influence employee’s response to change. Further, the administrators should be sensitive whenever an employee is unhappy about change. They should give this employee support to help him overcome the frustration. The employees should be constantly appreciated for the work they do. This will increase their trust and cooperation with the administrator.

The administrator should collect the views of employees about their reaction to change. In a school environment, they should collect the students view and use them as motivation to teachers. Actively involving teachers in the planning process and resource allocation is essential in the implementation of change (Gregory, 2008). Teachers can find time through ‘bank’ time. This is where additional time is put on the daily schedule. Also, time can be found through early release where students are allowed to go home early on specific days.

The above strategies will be influential in supporting change among employees since they engage them more and make them part of the change. It gives them motivation and the support they might require during change.

Managing change

There is a change being implemented in my current organization. The organization has been trying to change its current culture. The rational behind the change is that the organization wants to be more successful in the future. For it to achieve this, it has to embrace the use of technology in its operations. It has to change its culture so as to keep up with the ongoing competition from other organization.

In managing change, an administrator needs to take an approach that will facilitate a shift from the current state to a better state, which will bring about desirable effects in the future. People will always resist change. It is, therefore, the duty of administrators to overcome this resistance. To avoid resistance to change, employees need to be involved in every stage of the process. Make them understand where the organization is at the moment.

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Then, give your views and the management on the future of the organization. Make them understand why change is necessary in the organization. Once they understand this, then you can discuss with them what plans should be developed to achieve the set objective. Involve them in implementing the plans and always communicate to them about the developments (Forsyth, 2012).

This is what I would do to manage and support change in an organization. It is reasonable since it involves the employees in all stages of the process. This ensures that they are involved in the implementation.

Therefore, organizations need to implement change since it is critical in attaining competitive advantage in the future. Leaders of the organization should find ways that will make employees accept change. They should be involved in the change process.


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