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Change’s Creating and Leading

The business can be discussed as a world-class one when the company performs as a leader within the market and industry not only at the local but also at the global level. The examples of the world-class business are Ford Motor Company, Apple, Google, Boeing, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft.

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Examining the strategies used in these companies, it is necessary to concentrate on such features as the effective decision-making process, execution, successful structure, and the readiness to change. The high level of competitiveness within the market is based on responding to the customers’ needs.

The examples of poor business practices are the ignorance of the customers’ needs while developing marketing strategies, the absence of the realistic analysis of the market, the focus on short-term goals, and the lack of changes necessary to meet the global tendencies. For instance, today Hewlett-Packard loses its high positions within the market because of weaknesses in management.

The examples of the leaders within the market make managers examine their strategies and approaches, to analyze why these companies inspire world-class business practices. These companies provide reasons to rethink approaches and results, develop and change strategies. The examples of poor practices can be used as the illustration of the necessity to focus on changes and improvement practices.

The ideal American business manager is a leader within the company whose position makes him provide perspectives for the departments’ development, set clear objectives, organize and control the work of employees about their performance and correlation with the company’s goals. The range of the manager’s duties and responsibilities depends on the concrete position.

Thus, top managers are responsible for the overall management, and their main task is to provide goals for effective management with determining the perspectives, strategies, and approaches. Middle-level managers are responsible for organizing and monitoring the work of employees to be ready to coordinate their activities and present new directions for developing and improving the workers’ performance.

It is possible to discuss the image of the ideal American business manager with references to both roles typical for different levels of management within the company. Thus, the company’s managers are the organizational leaders who organize and control the work of employees basing on definite corporate purposes. The ideal American business manager should be characterized by such qualities as leadership, activeness, and readiness for changes.

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Effective managers have developed decision-making and organizational skills to be able to identify problems to resolve them in time and organize persons to perform successfully. The work of employees should be organized according to corporate goals and needs. The participation in the development of strategies is also the manager’s task to control the situation within the company fully and determine the paths for further progress.

The manager’s task is to interact with employees and motivate them to perform better. Thus, to control the situation, the ideal manager regularly monitors the work of the employees to be ready to propose new approaches to improve the performance and results. The managerial control also depends on effective communication with employees because it is important to create a cooperative atmosphere and contribute to the employees’ teamwork.

Interacting with employees, the manager makes conclusions about the workers’ intentions, motivation, and readiness to work to achieve corporate goals. Effective communication with employees depends on setting clear goals and monitoring the expected results. To receive the desired results, it is necessary to provide clear tasks and accentuate the possible expectations.

Employees should always know what results are expected to perform successfully. However, the ideal business manager also remembers about the necessity of present some recognition and rewards. Depending on the developed combination of strategies, execution, and structure, the manager should determine the sectors of work for employees according to their skills and abilities.

The motivation and success of employees are important to guarantee high-quality performance. Moreover, supervising the work of employees, business managers should be able to forecast the results. If the strategy used to achieve the definite corporate goals is ineffective, the ideal manager should be ready to change the strategy and approach even radically and motivate employees to work effectively with references to these new approaches.

Excellent managers see the whole picture of the process and control the situation with the help of gathering the necessary data, rethinking certain issues, and evaluating the strategies’ results. It is important for the ideal American business manager to be open to the changes and use all the opportunities to achieve higher results.

The quality of the effective manager is the ability to admit and rethink good and bad results of the work to develop new strategies basing on the analysis of the previous weaknesses. The changes can be necessary to provide more opportunities for the company’s development. The results of the business manager’s work should contribute to the whole company’s development.

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