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Companies Ethics: Concepts and Cases

The Problem of Exploitation

Many companies exploit their employees by paying them poorly. Some companies also fail to provide their employees with the best working conditions. The problems of exploitation and child labor are common in many countries. This situation explains why business firms should ensure every worker receives the stipulated minimum wage.

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This should be the best benchmark in order to ensure every business firm supports the financial needs of every employee. This minimum wage is necessary because it supports the needs of these employees (Vesilind and Gunn 29). This process supports the mission of the business. The government and every other regulatory agency should intervene. This strategy will ensure every firm remains ethical.

The other critical issue is how to judge this minimum wage. Many thinkers and economists have argued that every country should judge its living wage by the US standards. Many people have supported this suggestion since it supports the needs of every employee. Some factors such as economic growth, inflation, political situations, and government policies can affect this wage. This situation explain why “the decision to judge a living wage by the US standards can be problematic” (Vesilind and Gunn 75).

The decision might favor or discriminate many workers in different economies. This fact explains why every country should have its own standards to judge this minimum wage. This practice will ensure every employee gets appropriate remunerations. It will be necessary to have a minimum wage in every country. This living wage will support the changing needs of every employee.

The Issue of Bribery

Bribery is the practice of “giving someone gifts or money in order to change his or her decisions or behaviors” (Harris, Pritchard, and Rabins 47). Bribery and corruption usually go hand in hand. This act is a major problem in both the developing and developed world. Bribery is also unacceptable in the United States. No American company should pay bribes in a society whereby the practice is common. This practice might affect the company’s reputation and affect its performance.

Any business organization that fails to promote the best ethical practices is against the American law. This position explains why every American firm should always support the best practices. The first good practice is to avoid everything associated with bribery. The approach will ensure the business achieves most of its goals.

Many Americans expect every firm to hire ethical and responsible employees. This consideration is mandatory because the employees might have to work for the company in a foreign country. This situation will force the employees to uphold the best ethical practices even when in a foreign country. Every company should ensure its employees comply with the US law (Harris, Pritchard, and Rabins 84). This is necessary because the US law expects every employee to promote the best moral practices.

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There is a time when my uncle used to work with a multinational company. My uncle was the HR manager. Some job seekers approached my uncle in an attempt to work for the corporation. Some of them wanted to bribe him. My uncle did not hire these individuals. He also went ahead to blacklist their names. My uncle held himself to a higher moral standard.

The Issue of Nepotism

Nepotism occurs when a businessperson or politician hires a close relative. Nepotism is a common issue in many regions or nations. This practice is common in different fields such as “religion, entertainment, and business firms” (Whitbeck 57). Many people believe that nepotism is detestable. Nepotism might always results in unfair practices. My personal opinion is that nepotism can be a good thing in a business firm. Many case studies explain why some people get exorbitant salaries while doing very little for their family businesses.

This practice is what makes nepotism look bad. The important is to handle the practice correctly. Every firm should establish the best policies in order to control and monitor the performance of every employee (Harris, Pritchard, and Rabins 87). Every employee recruited from the inner circle should be ready to work for the firm. The employee should not earn extra benefits or remunerations. This approach will make nepotism a good practice.

Joel Osteen, the famous televangelist, is a good example of an individual who has been involved in nepotism. Osteen is a successful preacher and religious minister. Joel Osteen inherited his father’s church in 1999. Joel worked hard in order to support the church and make it the best place for many people to worship. Lakewood Church is today one of the largest worship centers in Houston. Joel Osteen has expanded this church. He has managed to achieve most of his late father’s dreams.

Joel Osteen is the best minister to lead this church. He is charismatic and passionate about his duties and roles as a preacher. Osteen guides and supports his followers. Osteen’s performance shows how we can apply nepotism positively. The best thing is to get the right person for every job without considering his or her background (Whitbeck 38).

Professional and Ethical Issues

Most of the topics and ideas studied in class will make me a successful professional. The issues discussed in class with also affect my career positively. The first good practice is professionalism. I will always be ready to consider the best ideas and practices as a professional. I will always use my competencies to address every challenge affecting my career. My goal is to support the needs of my business partners and employees.

The second positive issue is technological responsibility. Every entrepreneur and engineer should always be responsible. Responsibility is what makes a business prosperous (Vesilind and Gunn 85). I will use this guiding principle to make appropriate decisions. This approach will be critical towards my career goals. Responsibility in different technological projects is necessary because it addresses every challenge. The practice also promotes the quality of every outcome.

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The other positive issue revolves around technological optimism. Technology comes with its benefits and disadvantages. Every technologist should be ready to innovate and produce better practices or ideas. I strongly believe that my skills in technology will support every modern technological development. The fourth ethical issue is morality. Every business organization should engage in ethical or moral practices. Any attempt to contaminate the environment or a nearby river is unethical (Whitbeck 46).

My business will always consider the best ethical practices. The list of unethical practices is endless. My dream is to use this knowledge to prevent such malpractices from taking place. The fifth issue is honesty. I have always been honest. Honesty is a strong virtue that can “promote the best practices in every business organization” (Vesilind and Gun 94). I will always use this virtue in order to realize my personal and professional goals. The above professional and ethical issues will make me a successful entrepreneur.

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