Strategic Team Leadership

Evaluation of Team Members

In order to be able to lead this team towards the desired success, it is important to understand the personality of every one of them in order to be able to know how to approach them on different issues. The first step in managing this group will be to evaluate their personality traits (Robbins & Coulter, 2012). I have always considered my personality trait as ENFP based on Jungian 16 Type personality traits.

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I am a warm and very enthusiastic person who believes in people I work with. I am passionate about what I do and believe that through teamwork, we can achieve a lot of success in various tasks. In many occasions, my friends have always described me as a source of motivation, especially when handling a task that is relatively new to a team.

I have the ability to inspire people around to act in a way that would boost the chances of achieving success at various tasks. I am very flexible, fluent, and very persuasive. I believe that I have what it takes to achieve success with this team in our new task at hand.

In this team, I have individuals who are very motivated towards what they do. John has a personality trait of ISFJ. He is a protector, always quiet, friendly, and very responsible. He is thorough in his actions, accurate and very loyal. He is very instrumental in this team. Joan has a personality trait of ESFJ. She is a provider.

She is a cooperative and warmhearted girl who always wants harmony within the working environment. She is a determined lady and enjoys working with other people. She will be instrumental in this team as we strive to deliver good results for this company. We all complement one another, and through teamwork, we have what it takes to achieve success.

Evaluation of the Situation

The team can perform better if it is aware of the situation they are going to deal with in the market. In this new segment, urgency is one of the most important factors that would determine the success of the team. Given the fact that this is a new segment, it would be necessary to move with speed to ensure that other competitors do not muster our moves before we benefit from them maximally.

This speed will keep us a step ahead of market competition. The new segment has a specific culture that must be understood. This segment has people who prefer products of very high quality, irrespective of their prices. This will define our marketing approach, and product delivery strategy.

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The situation at hand also requires high degree of innovativeness among members because this market is very dynamic. Our team must be able to change with their changing tastes and preferences in order to remain competitive.

Leadership Approaches

Based on the evaluation of the individuals making this team, and the situation that is to be faced, it is important to identify the most desirable leadership approach that would be applied. The most appropriate leadership theory would be Situational Leadership Theory as proposed by Hersey Blanchard (Gold, 2010). This means that there will be no fixed approach to leadership.

Every situation will be dealt with using the most appropriate approach. It is important to note that out team will not be working haphazardly without a plan while using this approach. There is a clearly laid strategy of how various specific goals are to be achieved. However, the leadership approach that will be used will be flexible and will reflect the situation that the team shall be confronted with at that time.

It is expected that with the dynamism in the market, this team may be forced to deviate from some of the principles that were set originally when starting the project. Such a change would be based on the ground that they would lead to the desired direction, though through a different route.

The management will also involve participatory leadership. Every team member will be given the opportunity to make contributions on the path to be taken by the team based on his or her skills and experience. This will improve the overall performance of the group.

Principles Applied From Various Leadership Theories

In the process of achieving the assigned tasks, the team’s leadership will use principles of transformational leadership. In order to make individual team members achieve specific results, it is necessary to challenge their current capabilities as a way of maintaining their motivation (Moyles, 2006). The leader will be at the forefront in tackling various tasks that would be assigned to this group.

Leading by example would make other members of the team have faith in the leader. It will convince them that they are under the right leadership. They will make an effort to accomplish their tasks without the feeling that they are being coerced into these tasks. This will be a sure way of achieving the much-needed success in this new market segment.

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