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Childhood Obesity in the USA


Childhood obesity in the USA: What are the possible causes of obesity in children? What are the associated problems? How does childhood obesity affect USA as a whole? How can we reduce childhood obesity in the USA? What has the USA government done to reduce childhood obesity?

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Topic Importance

Obesity is a condition where one becomes overweight. When I was at the age of 7, I was affected by this condition. This condition had so much effect on my daily life. I faced rejection and mockery from my age mates. This lowered my self-esteem and confidence. I was not able to face my real life until one day when I met one of my teachers who motivated me. She encouraged me that one day I might be able to help kids in my position if I worked hard. She advised that proper diet and physical exercises were the major issues to address for a better future.

As a nurse, the topic is very applicable in my career and day-to-day activities. The increase in the rate of obesity has led to increased encounters with obese kids and adolescents. The knowledge of causes, effects, consequences, and challenges faced by these kids helps me to give correct and proper medical care as well as advice the affected and non-affected people to prevent and cure obesity (Choudhry, & Rahmanou, 2007). This research will help me to take care of myself, my family and my children to stay free from this global threat. By writing my research findings, I hope to spread information creating awareness about obesity with respect to its causes, effects, and prevention. I am hoping to reach as much audience as possible.


In children, obesity has raised a major concern in health issues within the USA. Gene interactions, type of diet, physical exercises, and environmental factors are some of the factors that contribute to the occurrence and severity of the obese condition. Some of the problems associated with obesity in children and adolescents include early puberty in females, diabetes type 2, problems during metabolism, and developing the overweight condition during adulthood (Bouchard, 2000). Currently, the fatal obese condition is caused by a high intake of energy, which is, in turn, used up in low amounts leading to pilling up of energy calories.


Childhood obesity has become a health threatening issue. The rate of obesity continually increases. As I write this article I hope to address every parent, child, and adolescent who is affected or not and is capable of reading it. I aim at reaching every citizen to inform and educate them about this great hazard. As one of the people who have been faced by this challenge I understand the pains it causes. I am part of these readers and hope to get close to them so as to fight obesity in our children so as to create a better future for our children and the nation as a whole.

The audience will be motivated to read my article because obesity has turned out to be a current issue which everybody wants to work together to get rid of in the society. The need to know what causes and how to prevent childhood obesity will drive them to reading it. I will use the first person (I) so that my audience can feel that am part, and I am ready to assist when needed. I will inform them about my experiences to assure them that obesity can be handled if people work together.

Larger topic

The rate of childhood obesity has been increasing to become an international problem. The condition is being associated with consumption of junk foods (Basavanthappa, 2008). If people stop consuming junk foods with the rate drop, energy will balance and prevent obesity. People should engage in activities which help to raise their energy expenditure. Children should be involved in physical activities to prevent fat deposits within the body. They can participate in games, athletics, or community projects. The children affected should avoid consuming foods with high amounts of calories like fatty foods. Parents should ensure that their children do regular physical exercises for energy balance and body maintenance.

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