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Christian Perspective on Poverty

Poverty is one of the biggest problems in modern society, which is addressed by economists, international organizations, and politicians. Several Christian interpretations have different ideas about poverty and wealth. In the extreme example of the spectrum, wealth and materialism are portrayed as an evil that must be avoided and even fought. On the other hand, some view success and happiness as a gift from God. From the Christian perspective, wealth growth is seen as a resource for promoting a good life rather than a central purpose of their existence (Quigley, 2021). People need to understand that money is not a measure of moral value or spiritual greatness, but it is not a measure of indifference.

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Everything people do is important because they are all created to represent God according to the Christian perspective. Some aspects of our lives are more important than the way we manage our finances. Everyone, rich or poor, is a good caretaker of what they have and is called to use their resources to praise God and meet human needs. Thus, people’s interrelationships are more important than their relevance to money.

The Bible commands the rich and the poor to love one another, love one another, and cooperate equally for the benefit of all. It means spiritual brotherhood in the church, and it is one of the tools that could be used in order to combat poverty. If rich people understand that other people are their neighbors and fellows, they could help poor people in a material way. I, as a transformation agent, could promote this idea in church and among Christians who would like to volunteer and donate.


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