Communication: Message Creation and Delivery


Several factors are considered in the crafting of effective messages. They include communication organization, audience analysis, and researching the subject. Each of these factors plays a different role in the achievement of the purpose for which a message is developed. Communication organization reflects the clarity of thinking and facilitates the proper dissemination of messages. Audience analysis ensures that the message is delivered through the appropriate channels and methods, and to the right people. Research ensures that the message is accurate. Of the aforementioned factors, audience analysis is the most important aspect.

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Audience analysis is of the utmost significance in crafting an effective message because recipients interpret information differently depending on their level of understanding, experience, or knowledge of specific topics. For example, parents and children have varied perceptions with regard to video games. Therefore, a message intended for parents would be inappropriate for the children. Knowing the audience ensures that the message is developed to suit the needs of the recipients. Moreover, different methods are used to influence different groups of people based on factors such as geography, health, behavior, religion, attitudes, and gender. An effective message should appeal to the receivers’ beliefs, attitudes, interests, ideals, and level of understanding (Thompson 77). If audience analysis is conducted inadequately, the application and effective of the other factors is highly compromised. The audiences’ expectations, knowledge of the topic, attitudes, and demographics should be considered first before conducting research or engaging in communication organization.


The application of innovative technology in the area of communication is immense. Therefore, the use of social media to deliver messages to a certain audience is imperative. Social media is a fast and cost-effective communication method that people use to deliver information. Its use in areas such as business, education, and communication has rapidly increased in the last decade due to the emergence of innovative technologies (Thompson 134). The interactive nature of social media makes it an effective communication tool. Individuals and businesses use it to communicate information to wide audiences that comprise members of different age groups.

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