Intel Corporation’s Social Media Policy


Intel Corporation is one of the largest technology companies, invested in a variety of sectors ranging from chip and computer parts manufacturing to data storage and processing. Therefore, the company recognizes the tremendous role that social media plays in daily lives and the technology sector, which is partly the justification as to why the company has social media policies and guidelines. It recognizes the connectivity potential of social media, both personal and business, as well as the powerful influence it may hold, particularly if a user is a representative of such a large and powerful company as Intel. Thus, Intel encourages its employees to use social media in a positive manner while following three fundamental principles:

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  1. Disclose your relationship with Intel
  2. Protect Intel
  3. Use common sense when posting.

Main body

The corporate policy is extensively focused on this three-tier approach to social media use. It is thorough but offers significant support and guidance, with the seeming purpose of protecting the company and its employees individually as well. Therefore, the tone of the policy is positive as it pushes for responsible and transparent use of social media by Intel employees. It encourages posting that will result in helpful relationships with customers without liability for the company. For example, employees are required to identify themselves as affiliated with Intel and specify if any post is being sponsored or advertised. Furthermore, workers are asked to communicate in their field of expertise, providing information that is accurate, and not describe Intel products subjectively as this may lead to violation of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules as well as lead a customer astray. Nevertheless, the policy clearly and positively describes the valuable relationship that social media offers with customers, and simply encourages transparency, responsibility, and authenticity in this communication method.


If affiliated with Intel in any capacity, these regulations outlined in the policy would not be difficult to follow. Although it may require consideration and thought when posting to ensure compliance with FTC, Intel is simply protecting its company and shareholders. The company encourages a sensible and responsible approach that is based on clear communication, information, and openness that does not jeopardize the reputation of the company or the relationship with the consumers. The company is also aware that reactions on social media may differ and employees are humans who can make mistakes. Thus, there are aspects of the policy that provide guidance on admitting and apologizing for errors or making corrections to previous posts if necessary. Therefore, abiding by such policy would not be an issue, particularly as an employee of Intel who cares about the well-being of the company and would want to protect it as it is part of the job as stated in the policy. While the social media policy of a corporation may undoubtedly contain various protective measures and legal jargon, Intel offers an approach that welcomes the positive and responsible use of this highly influential communication tool.

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