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Communication Processes in “Le Jaguar” Movie


Communication skills are the most important skills in our everyday life. Nevertheless, all the communication difficulties originate because of the inability to understand the motifs and intentions of the collocutor. Hence, people need to analyze the communication process in general. This paper aims to provide a detailed analysis of the communication processes in a movie. “Le Jaguar” with Jean Reno starring will be subjected to detailed analysis.

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Analysis. Listening Blocks and Communication Types

Listening blocks that are used by the characters are closely linked with the main plotline. Francois Perrin often uses rehearsing, as he aims to avoid most conversations, and often does not listen to his collocutor if the information contradicts his needs and requirements. Being a good-time Charlie he does not wish to consider the possible problems of the others.

Filtering is used by gangsters who chase Perrin. They do not wish to listen to his explanations at all, as they are paid to make Perrin get money as soon as possible. The merry way of life makes Perrin suffer and look for shelter on the other continent. Campana offers him such an opportunity, considering that Perrin agreed to help poor Wanu, and uses judging block to shame Perrin for his way of life and absence of any values in his life except Porsche for several million dollars.

The three characters that will be selected are Wanu, Jean Campana, and Francois Perrin. These characters are connected not only by the elements of the plot, but all three also have a mental connection, hence, they will be the most interesting instances for communication analysis. One of the examples of self-disclosure is the behavior of Wanu in the hospital when he tells Francois Perrin about his (Perrin’s) mission and insists on his agreement to make a trip to South America. This self-disclosure may be regarded as a kind of prophecy, as Perrin is “a chosen one”, and needs to solve numerous problems staying in this role.

The opens self communication type is represented by Jean Campana, as he is the most sincere character in the movie. He was brought up by Indians, and he takes the problem of Amazon deforestation close to his heart (this is one of the topics raised in the movie). Any action by Campana represents openness and sincerity. Even when he has to defend Perrin from gangster, he does not wish to do it, however, he is dedicated to solving the difficulties of south American Indians, as well as helping Wanu to recover.

Francois Perrin is the representative of Blind Self communication type. In general, he never knows what he will do afterwards, as he is a gambler and a gay cat. He agrees to help, however, it is unknown to him what will happen next. His only wish is to get rid of his chasers who are going to beat-off his gambling debt.

Hidden self communication type is featured to Kumare – the negative character of the movie. The only fragment where he and main characters meet is the final battle which ends up the massive deforestation of Amazon forests and makes Wanu recover (Kumare is the mafia boss who is engaged in deforestation), as Kumare dies. The instances of these communication types are not the only, however the described are the brightest, and the most featured.

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Body Language

The instances of body language are common for these characters, as some of them do not understand the language of their collocutors. Perrin, in his turn, has something to conceal, that is why he never shows opened palms, rarely watches into collocutor’s eyes etc. The instances of special distance gestures may be found when Perrin communicates with a man in a bar, and buys him beer, or when he aims to communicate with a barman. The use of gestures is clearly seen when Compana tries to persuade Perrin in the importance of his mission, and the value of Perrin’s promise to help Wanu, and stay “The chosen one”. Here, the watchers can see the regulators’ gestures, when Compana tries to invite Perrin to visit Wanu in the hospital. The same gestures are seen when Compana handles an amulet with mountain crystals, nevertheless, the gestures become illustrating when he explains that these crystals include the spirits of water and air from Amazon forests. Adaptors’ gestures are seen when Perrin tries to persuade mafia boss to delay the payment, as he tries to make a good impression upon him.

Contaminated Message

Sarcastic comment is made by Perrin, when he can not believe that he has a mental link with Wanu over thousands of miles. “I’m not going to risk with my life when that sick Indian rests in a hospital bed”. He means that he does not believe that his strange behavior may be explained by this link, and that it can be explained at all. This is the observation method. “You’re good but I am not” message is seen when Perrin and Indian shaman make an “agreement” of the planned battle. This message is read in the eyes of the shaman, as he realizes that Perrin is a kind man, but he is a coward, and will never make the ceremony of “signing the contract”.

“I’m blameless” is seen when the whole tribe despite Perrin for his cowardice, however, he can not realize exactly what do they want from him. This is observed in his perplexed sight. “I’m fragile” message is seen in Maya’s eyes when she realizes when the tribe despites Perrin, and Kumare will inevitably kill her. However, she is in love with Perrin, and hopes that he will realize this message.

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