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Community Health Nursing Roles in Kendal Drive Settings

Community health nurses (CHN) contribute significantly to the improvement of population health in the United States by playing different roles under healthcare provision. The community setting selected for this assignment is Kendal Drive, an urban area in Miami with several nursing homes and comfort zones. One of the vulnerable populations observed in this setting is pregnant women aged between 25 and 30 years. The roles of CHN in this setting include offering education to pregnant women on how to take care of their pregnancy and promoting healthy lifestyles to avoid complications during this delicate state. CHNs also provide direct care to pregnant women who may require such services. Also, CHNs may research to gather data to promote evidence-based care practices. This paper discusses pregnant women aged between 25 and 30 years, as a vulnerable population, within the community setting of Kendal Drive in Miami.

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Community Setting

As mentioned earlier, the community setting used in this case is Kendal Drive in Miami, Florida, with several nursing homes and comfort zones. The approximate age range of the people found in this area is between 25 and 85 years. The place has numerous two-storied townhouses, which look new with nice gardens and recreational areas in terms of housing. Also, the setting has numerous health resources that seem sufficient to address the health problems that exist in the community. One place of worship, the Miami Church, is found in the community, whereby people from different backgrounds are welcomed. The community does not seem to have any social problems, such as drug abuse or alcoholism.

The selected vulnerable population is pregnant women aged between 25 and 30 years. According to Dyess-Nugent (2017), nurses play a critical role by engaging pregnant women as part of antenatal care to reduce miscarriages, stillbirths, and other issues associated with this population cohort. Within the selected setting, CHNs provide different health services to the identified vulnerable group. Some roles involve educating pregnant women on how to take care of themselves and the unborn babies and promoting healthy lifestyles. Finally, CHNs conduct research as part of improving the quality of care provided to patients.

Health Promotion Nursing Intervention

CHNs in this community setting could institute health and wellness programs targeting the vulnerable group. One of such activities is maintaining proper nutrition during pregnancy. CHNs would create programs whereby pregnant mothers are educated on the appropriate dietary requirements. Nurses could educate pregnant mothers about the different nutrients that are essential for the growth of unborn babies. According to Gomes et al. (2019), prenatal monitoring by nurses is an important care aspect that reduces maternal and fetal mortality and morbidity significantly.

Apart from educating pregnant women within this community setting, CHNs could also conduct research as a way of improving healthcare. Black, Balneaves, Garossino, Puyat, & Qian (2015) argue that creating research opportunities for nurses as part of point-of-care clinicians is one of the ways of promoting evidence-based care in nursing. Therefore, CHNs in the selected setting could collect primary data during their practice, which could be used to implement evidence-based practice in the area. Finally, CHNs could be involved in offering direct care to pregnant women in need of such services. Chris could partner with other care providers and community leaders to ensure that pregnant women in the area receive the necessary support during their pregnancy.

Professional Nursing Organization

Florida Nurses Association (FNA) is one of the professional nursing organizations related to the selected community setting for this assignment. According to the association’s website, FNA seeks to promote the nursing practice and deliver quality healthcare through education, research, and practice (FNA, 2019). The FNA’s mission is to support and serve all registered nurses (RNs) in the region through advocacy, professional development, and fostering excellence in all areas of nursing practice. In addition, FNA represents all nurses regardless of area of specialization or practice.

Therefore, CHNs in Kendal Drive could join FNA in a bid to enjoy all the benefits and support that come with being members of such professional bodies. For instance, such nurses could benefit from advocacy under the FNA’s umbrella to ensure that their needs are met as care professionals. CHNs in the said setting could access funding to carry out research and come up with recommendations on how to improve care provision within the area. Currently, the FNA is planning for 2020 advocacy days to empower nurses to influence the legislative process for their benefit and the well-being of their patients (FNA, 2019).

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CHNs play an indispensable role in the provision of care services to different communities. In Kendal Drive, Miami, Florida, CHNs are working in collaboration with other care providers to ensure that pregnant women get the necessary care to reduce or eliminate maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality. As a community setting, Kendal Drive has enough care facilities that vulnerable populations, such as pregnant mothers, can access and get the requisite help for a healthy society. CHNs in this area educate and attend to pregnant mothers together with conducting research to promote evidence-based care practice. Additionally, CHNs in this region are members of the FNA, whereby they enjoy numerous benefits, such as advocacy.


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