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  1. Race and Gender Stereotypes in Literature
    Literary texts are used to advance gender and race-related stereotypes. In this paper, the author examines three literary texts: Araby, The Hound of the Baskervilles and The False Gems.
  2. The Balanced Scorecard: Measures That Drive Performance
    One of the main problems of managers in the business world is how to evaluate the company’s achievements fast and effectively.
  3. Why Should We Look at Race When Trying to Understand Fascism?
    Fascism is traditionally defined as a method of radical authoritarian nationalism, which achieved great eminence in Europe at the beginning of the 1900s.
  4. The Play ‘How I learned to drive ’by Paula Vogel
    This paper critically analyzes the play ‘How I learned to drive’ in relation to the development of the characters and degree of the stereotypes.
  5. The Issue of Race in America
    One of the issues that have continued to cause major rifts among the earth’s human population is the issue of racism and discrimination.
  6. The Color of Sex: Postwar Histories of Race and Gender
    The article “The Color of Sex: Postwar Photogenic Histories of Race and Gender in National Geographic Magazines” disclosed how the images of people of color are formed by the popular culture.
  7. Race’ Role in the Understanding of Fascism
    Fascism is defined as a method of radical authoritarian nationalism, which achieved great eminence. This essay will focus on the significance of race in the prism of the study of fascism.
  8. US Workplace and Race Discrimination Court Cases
    The present paper analyzes two court cases to demonstrate important concepts associated with workplace discrimination.
  9. Electric and Hybrid Drive Systems Markets Analysis
    Understanding the existing market size is very important when planning to roll out a new product in the market. Electric and hybrid drive systems are already available in most of the markets.
  10. Gender, Race and Sexuality Issues in Society
    Gender is understood in broader terms in the sense that inferior races are believed to be more feminine while the perceived superior races are masculine.
  11. Drama: Paula Vogel’s “How I Learned to Drive”
    Driving lessons are similar to lessons in life because the learner should understand how to control oneself. This idea is reflected in Paula Vogel’s play “How I Learned to Drive”.
  12. “Frankie & Alice” Motion Picture: Race and Mental Care
    Frankie & Alice is a Canadian motion picture by Berry, Cirrincione, DeKaric, Zaidi, and Sax. It is based on a real story of an Afro-American woman with a Dissociative Identity Disorder.
  13. Immigration, Race, and Labor in American History
    Domestica: Immigrant Workers Cleaning and Caring in the Shadows of Affluence by Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo to reviews the lives of domestic workers from the historical perspective.
  14. Power and Race Symbolism in Coetzee’s “Disgrace”
    In Disgrace, symbolism is used as a thematic element to demonstrate principles of power and race while providing commentary about the socio-political strife in South Africa
  15. Race and Education Level Relationship in America
    An increased attention has been paid to the race problem in the USA. In spite of the fact that the racial equality is enshrined in the law, the problem still exists.
  16. The Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge
    The Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC) is a competition that aims to promote smooth early learning for all children.
  17. Critical Race, Social Learning and Feminist Theories
    Critical Race Theory has been actively used by researchers in order to critically analyze racial relations in different contexts, including the educational one.
  18. Race and Crime Among Minorities in the US
    The increased rate of offenders from ethnic and racial minorities is an issue that has captured the attention of many scholars and criminologists.
  19. Diversity and Society: Race, Ethnicity and Gender
    Self-identification of African American women depends on two important aspects that are ethnicity or race and gender.
  20. “Race: The Power of an Illusion” Documentary Series
    The main issues raised in the episode of of “Race: the power of an illusion” are about the definition of whiteness. The episode shows how unclear it was to define what characterized an American.

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  1. Race and Slavery in the “Clotel” Novel by Brown
    In “Clotel,” Brown explores the aspect of race through the ravaging effects of slavery and uses a number of female characters who undergo suffering as a result of the slave trade.
  2. Race as a Product of Culture
    Members of racial communities do possess certain biological traits that make part of that group. However, in anthropology, the phenomenon of race gains an even richer understanding.
  3. Race in Social Scientific Research in the United States
    American Anthropological Association and American Sociological Association provide their views on social scientific research on race.
  4. Race and Ethnicity and Their Significance Today
    This paper explores whether race and ethnicity still matter in the present-day world. The question has been the subject of debate in social circles.
  5. Race as a Social Construction in the US
    The idea of the social construction of race is the basis on which modern theory refutes the initial assumptions used to justify the American practice of slavery.
  6. Race and Gender in Public Relations Field
    This capstone paper examines the impact of race and gender diversity on building careers in the sphere of public relations.
  7. Race and Disparities Related to It
    The sociological research field embodies numerous topics. One of the main problems in contemporary American society is race and disparities related to it.
  8. The Link Between Race and IQ Test
    The link between IQ test results and people’s race or gender, or age, or other similar factors can exist, but this area is under-researched yet.
  9. Race and Gender in Public Relations
    The project evaluates the role of gender and race diversity in the field of public relations by exploring the experience of women and black people in building their careers.
  10. Community Health Nursing Roles in Kendal Drive Settings
    Community health nurses (CHN) contribute significantly to the improvement of population health in the United States by playing different roles under healthcare provision.
  11. Critical Race Theory
    This paper describes a theory to explore race from the contra-narrative point of view, prioritizing the experience of oppressed groups over the top-down narratives.
  12. Intersex and Race Formation
    This paper aims to apply the theory of race formation to intersex individuals to better understand the concept of intersex and the experiences of intersex people.
  13. Economic in One Lesson: The Drive for Exports
    In Chapter 12 “The Drive for Exports,” Hazlitt talks about the exceeding need of countries for countries to export their goods in order to facilitate equal distribution of expenditures and earnings.
  14. Race and Gender: Dimensions of Power
    The global purpose of this paper is to explain race and gender in the context of power dynamics in modern society.
  15. White Racial Identity: When I Learned About Race
    White racial identity is often perceived as default with more opportunities provided for them while non-whites are exposed to racism.
  16. Race and Ethnicity in Contemporary Art
    The artists of the late 20th focused on domestic racialized hierarchies, but the 21st century brought a global outlook of racial and ethics problems.
  17. The Relationship between Race and Sexuality
    Sexuality is a complex issue that affects everyone. People of different communities have a different understanding of sexuality.
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