Community-Oriented Nursing Practice

Economics of Health Care Delivery

The state ranks 6th in Health Care Expenditure. By the beginning of 2016, Florida’s State budget on Health Care was estimated at above $100 million (Florida Health, 2016). Under the proposed action plan of 2016-2017, the budget of Florida has allocated $15 million for prison health care and mental health management, $34 million for HIV/AIDS, $27 million for the Healthy Start Program, $10.2 million for parent’s mental health conditions, $3.75 million for Community Action Treatment, and $28 million for the Healthy Families Program (Florida Health, 2016). The rest of the budget goes to other health programs.

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Health Care Systems

In Florida, the latest health risks include Zika fever caused by a mosquito-borne virus that is similar to dengue fever and increased rates of TB due to the increased use of tobacco. Diabetes is also on the rise due to high rates of overweight and obesity (Florida Department of Health, 2014). Florida Center for Health Information and Transparency is the state government’s research body that collects on public health needs from the health centers and the communities. In terms of cancer screening, the Florida Cancer Data System (FCDS) collects data on the diagnosis, stages of cancer, radiation, laboratory data, medical history, and patient demographics (Kaiser Commission, 2010). Florida ranks 18 in cancer rates.

Environmental Health

In terms of environmental health risks, current research shows that Florida is at risk of suffering from severe pollution coming from radioactive materials due to the uncontrolled phosphate mining (Florida Department of Health, 2014). In Florida, there are high levels of ozone and atmospheric particulates (Florida Department of Health, 2014). Due to uncontrolled phosphate mining, soil, air, water pollutions are very high compared to other cleaner states such as Texas, Alaska, California, and Minnesota.


Epidemiologically, residents are supposed to report, upon initial disease suspicion or laboratory test order, diseases or health conditions such as HIV/AIDs, Amebic encephalitis, arsenic poisoning, Haemophilus influenza, Diphtheria, Cholera, Measles, Meningococcal disease, typhus fever, Viral hemorrhagic fever, and Rubella (Florida Department of Health, 2014).

Health Education

In Miami, Florida, health education is paramount in promoting good health and preventing diseases. Some of the available health education programs include the Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP), which organizes and educates neighborhood on health hazard preparedness, the Refugee Health Program (RHP) that teaches Floridians refugees about culturally sensitive health services and the Rural Health (RH) program that enhances the healthy wellbeing of the rural Floridians (Goldman & Mc-Glynn, 2005).

Community as Client

The site that commonly provides community health information is the website. The website has numerous information regarding the health conditions, health remedies, health reforms, health risks, and health programs existing in Florida (Verité Healthcare Consulting, 2015). The website has a user-friendly interface that encourages easy surfing, easy browsing, and easy navigation, while in search of important health information.


Most of the individuals that are vulnerable in Florida are the people aged above 65years (Verité Healthcare Consulting, 2015). The older generation in Florida accounts for almost a third of all the patients considered suffering from different health complications (Verité Healthcare Consulting, 2015). The old are weak, have compromised immunity, and are poor. They present various health complications in Floridian hospitals.

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Disaster Management

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) comprises community-based arm units that provide medical support and emergency health services to the Floridians whenever a need arises.

Citizen Emergency Response Teams (CERT) comprise a team of local individuals trained to help themselves, their families, or even their neighbors during disasters such as fire, floods, and others.

The American Red Cross is the branch of Florida that is active in dealing with disasters, providing relief assistance, and safety precautions during disasters.


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