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Comparison of Contemporary Ideologies

Martin Luther King’s memoir on the Montgomery boycott, Striving for Freedom, chronicles 50,000 blacks who embraced the principles of nonviolence and learned to fight for their rights with the weapon of love, and who the process acquired a new appreciation of their human value. In terms of comparison, Luther King’s ideas are good since these concepts show a world without violence but they don’t exist, such as Jason Stanley’s ideas. In the modern world, freedom and equal rights are complicated to achieve by nonviolence.

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Unlike King, in Stanley’s theory violence is fascism, in which one side blames the other as an enemy. Fascism is a social movement, a set of methods, a way of acting, and a form of presenting oneself and one’s enemies. It is a movement that wants to change the way people live and think. This is a sure way of talking about history and the past, which supports people close to this way and this vision of the past. And this leads us to the fact that people see fascist methods and fascist solutions to problems.

Reich is also convinced that society is in disaster and this leads society to catastrophe. He believes that the cause of the problem is not so straightforward. The growing concentration of income and wealth in the hands of the top of society and that the middle class has to go deeper and deeper into debt to maintain a dignified existence. On the other hand, Chomsky describes the natural disaster of society through the free market that corporations have taken over and through foreign and domestic politics. US domestic policy aims to keep the population in subjection and redistribute income favoring large private owners.

Thus, some theories and ideologies in the modern world were compared. Comparison is the process of looking at the different qualities of something to understand how they are different and similar. Juxtaposition is a connection, consideration of some concepts, most likely, from the point of view of their similarity.

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