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Ideal State Concept: Government and Economic Structure


In this paper, I will describe the ideal country and determine its political and economic structure, social problems and their solutions, national defense system, as well as its participation in international relations. The country in which I am elected president is rich in sources medium-sized state with a multinational composition of the country, where the majority of the population has the same nationality and language. The government wants to create a democratic and equitable state that will become an active member of the international community. Socialization and unity of the people depend on the right propaganda of patriotism through information policy. The country also has to join such international organizations as the UN and the WTO. Consequently, my country is a democratic federal parliamentary republic with three branches of power and a system of market relations, which strives to be a member of global affairs through international organizations and interstate contacts.

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Domestic Concerns

Governing Style and Principles of the Government

A country that has suffered from the tyranny of a dictator needs democracy and a state structure that could protect its citizens from power usurpation. In such a country, administrative units have their limited authority, which is not included in the power of the central government (Geest, 2017). For this reason, a federation in which several administrative units are interconnected by a general national law is the best choice. A democratic republic is a form of government operating where people are the primary source of power that delegates its function to the president, the parliament, and the court (Geest, 2017). The president and bicameral parliamentary system promote fair distribution of power and do not allow its usurpation, since all government bodies control each other.

Branches of Government and its Functions

The executive power belongs to the president and administration, and its functions are expressed in the implementation and enforcement of laws. The legislative power is divided between the upper and lower houses of parliament and consists in the consideration and adoption of laws, ratification of international treaties, determination of the state budget, and taxes (Geest, 2017). The judicial power belongs to a system of courts, and its main task is to resolve disputes and determine the legality of the adopted laws.

Economic Structure

The best economic structure for my country is an open system of market relations, since the availability of resources allows us to develop production and trade in both raw materials and goods.

Public Good Domestic Programs and Unification of the Population

A country that has been destroyed because of terrorist actions needs to restore infrastructure and protect its borders from external interference. The first program should include grants and loans to businesses and public organizations, which they can invest in providing citizens with such public goods as housing, transport, and other public facilities necessary for life. The second program should be aimed at reforming the army and supporting military personnel, since a country with internal problems and the absence of an army is an easy target for an external attack. Thus, the state will be able to provide citizens with such a public good as security.

Creating a national spirit is also an essential component for any state. A population that had in common only fear of the dictator has to be united by their cultural and national values. This unification can be done by promoting common goals and solidarity through the media and cultural-traditional events. Thus, the population will be able to unite under the influence of a shared history, national, and cultural values.

Foreign Concerns

International Organizations

A country that has not participated in international for years relations should join global organizations that will help it restore its image, and the UN and the WTO are such an organization. According to Weiss, Forsythe, Coate, and Pease (2018), the UN has both a Peacekeeping contingent and the International Monetary Fund, which provides financial assistance to states. Consequently, the UN is an opportunity for the country to receive guarantees of protection and financial support. The WTO is an organization that promotes the development of international trade relations, which contributes to the economic development of the state (Lanoszka, 2017). For this reason, both organizations are essential partners for the country in the field of protection, economic development, and diplomatic relations.

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The state needs to apply for membership and sign the agreement after an affirmative vote of all the founding countries to join the UN (Weiss et al., 2018). For this reason, the government has to consolidate and comply with all democratic principles that are in the UN Charter. The WTO also requires that the state ratify a series of agreements related to different trade features and put them into practice (Lanoszka, 2017). Thus, the government needs to make efforts to reform the country’s production and trade system.

Defense System

Protection against terrorism and internal threats require a set of measures aimed at both preventing and combating danger. As mentioned earlier, ways to avoid risks are the support of the national army and the unification of citizens with a shared culture. The presence of a permanent army reduces the possibility of an external attack. It is also necessary to establish friendly relations with neighboring countries to prevent and combat terrorism. After analyzing external threats, the state needs to create either a system of checkpoints with verification of documents, or a shared zone with neighboring countries for free movement of citizens.


Therefore, a state with a democratic system of power distribution, an open market economy, and a strong army is capable of guaranteeing citizens’ security and economic growth. Participation in international organizations and cooperation with neighboring countries contributes to its development in the first years, and policies aimed at national unity assist in strengthening internal security. In addition, such a state can become a leader in the region in a few decades by wisely using its resources.


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