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Health Care Reform and American Politics

The United States of America has long been striving to enact the health insurance reform and it eventually became possible with Obama at charge. It is a serious step forward in order to support many Americans who cannot afford paying for the medical insurance. The US has the highest health care costs in the world, about 50.2 million citizens have been left without medical care, it is about 15% of America’s population, according to the census 2011. However, President Obama has signed the Health Care Reform Act and National Care Coverage System is about to bring in new positive differences into the societal and health care orders until 2018 (Staff of the Washington Post, 2010).

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Various groups of the society will experience different impacts as per the system’s enrolment. The employees of the companies are about to benefit greatly. All employers of America are expected to either provide their employees with health coverage which cannot be worse than Health Care for America one or they should pay payroll-based tax for the Health Care for America to help their employees. This is particularly the same as the employers are currently paying the unemployment tax in order to help the government keep up the unemployment compensation programs.

So, either way, the employers are contributing to the program in order to make it possible for the employees to enroll and get insurance coverage program (Gruber, 2011).

There are those self-employed citizens that are likely to pay for their health care as an average employer, though payroll-based tax. So, an employed person is always under the coverage for medical care no matter what. However, there also are those citizens who happen to be currently unemployed. The program has a thought-through plan for that, as well; they will simply pay premiums according to their annual income. Every American citizen is therefore able to choose the institution to get health care from to their own likes and views on the quality of medical care. In a word, every legal American citizen is able to purchase coverage from Health Care for America in case he/she is not covered by Medicare or employer-provided plan. An enrollee of the program can choose less expensive medical providers or a more comprehensive health care plan.

According to this program every American legal citizen will have an opportunity to get healthcare. This is a significant breakthrough in health system of the United States. Since American healthcare has been known as the most expensive in the world, the coverage program will fit more and more Americans into the system of getting quality medical care.

However, it is deemed to be less beneficial for the employers to provide for the program with 6% payroll (Jacobs, 2010). They are now obliged to pay the program anyway: either to provide the employees with health coverage or pay a payroll-based-tax. This means every employee will now have medical center to turn to in case of any troubles. Moreover, even unemployed citizens are getting help from the government which in its turn gets funding from the employers of the state. In a word, the employers are the ones to provide for their own employees and the unemployed citizens which is, actually, similar to what they did for unemployment state program before.

The Health Care Reform is going to be a significant change in health care system making Medicare step back and move new system upfront.

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