Comparison of Success and Failure

Success and failure are widespread phenomena that occur in virtually any form of human activity. Both aspects can have both positive and negative effects on a person, so the issue of influence is particularly important. The purpose of this essay is to compare success and failure and how it affects the individual.

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Emotional experience

A person regularly faces both success, usually improving their self-esteem, and failures that make a person droop. However, it is essential to understand that success and failure can have an ambiguous effect on the individual (Rosi et al. 1). Usually, people are happy when they are successful at work or in school. On the other hand, success can have a devastating effect on a person’s emotional state if a person does not want to reach summits. Failures can have a positive impact on emotions if they are not too severe for the person. Although failures are more likely to ruin a person’s ambition.

Opportunities for growth

Successor failure can hardly make a person grow in the right direction. Success at work or school can encourage a person to think that they are right in the chosen strategy. However, success can sometimes play a negative role: a person often gives in to excessive perfectionism to achieve maximum efficiency. Failure can serve as a powerful impetus for human development. Having failed, a person can become stronger if they find strength (Rosi et al. 5). However, failures cause people to be disappointed in their strength, inhibiting their further growth.

Personal Relationships

Failures and successes that people face throughout their lives can radically change their relationships with others. For example, a person’s successful path allows them to establish more useful contacts. Thus, a successful person can always find help from other people. On the other hand, by investing all available resources to be successful, the person can destroy the built relationships and connections with people. Failure can also stimulate positive relationships: in times of collapse, people can find support in others. Most often, a failure forces the person to be aggressive. In a fit of rage, they can hurt their loved ones by destroying their relationship with them.

In conclusion, it would be desirable to note that it is wrong to unambiguously approach the analysis of the impact of success and failure on people’s lives. Being the motivators or demotivators, success and failure can contribute to the professional and creative growth of man or, conversely, lead him to frustration.

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