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Compromise for the Greater Good of the US

The ideology I stand most by is liberal: pure liberals want the government to reduce economy in equality regulate the business, tax the rich heavily, deal with crime by addressing its economic causes, protect the ride of the accused criminals, allow abortion and prostitution on demand and guarantee the broadest possible freedom of speech and press. This liberal argument is quietly applied in our society. This country is faced with many challenges that have sprung up in the recent years. The people who work very hard do not want the government to control their achievements while the lazy ones agitate for intervention to create room for them (Grendel, 2). The rich should be heavily taxed, since they use the common people to make profits. The government should regulate highly profitable businesses. Those who get rich have so much money that they seek state laws and regulations that favor them. The self made entrepreneurial belief that the success is due to their hard work. This makes less concerned about other factors that boosted them economically such as clean environment, a well regulated society that provided workers and customers (Ratbiter, 2). This means that such business do not appreciate the surroundings and make no real efforts at trying to do so. With regard to this assumption, it is necessary that regulations are put in place to check this deviant behavior. Labor laws should be in place to protect the workers, avoid pollution of environment and advocate for reasonable profits.

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In relation to the liberals, I wish to lay special emphasis on prostitutes. Society has always regarded them as social evils from time immemorial. These views of the society are as a result of the religious pillars that have formed the bedrock of societal beliefs (Levina 2). However it is important for every citizen to accept that the contemporary world has changed.This has led to new challenges that have to be dealt with and it is therefore necessary that even our beliefs change to accommodate the new trends in behavior. We need to accept the fact that the perceived social evils should be accepted as daily activities that bind the society together, through involving everyone in achieving their societal needs. One of such needs is sex.

It is with view that I hope to bring to attention the fact that the current laws on prostitution should be compromised for the good of the whole country. Prostitution can simply be defined as the act where one who engages in sexual intercourse with several partners without an intention of prolonging the relationship. Several arguments have been put forward with regard to factors that perpetuate prostitution. (Smart 2) pointed out, that it is a result of laissez-faire capitalism and imperialism. He further stated that the failure of capitalism has led to the deterioration of social mobility, social values and economic opportunity. It is clear that the economic world is incapable of supporting its own population (Smart 3). There has been an upsurge of unemployment in the country. The government’s efforts to try and address this issue have failed. This has left a large group of individuals unemployed. The girls in their poverty have opted not to engage in physical violence and crime to earn a living but use their bodies for economic sustenance (Velvetoneo, 2). Instead of begging the rich who are not willing to give out their cash freely, one has to engage the same wealthy men in sex so as to access their swollen pockets. The young men on the other hand that do not have the financial stability that many ladies would admire, despite their poverty, they are still compelled to meet their bodily wants such as sex and this leaves them with no alternative but to engage in prostitution. The government should accept this fact since it has failed in providing for economic opportunities to be exploited by the youth. This acceptance will enhance the economic growth of the industry as by legalizing prostitution, these activities will earn the country more revenue (Levina, 4). The girls involved will not be exploited because there is a standard price set and the client is therefore conscious of the legal implications, if they fail to pay for the services offered (McElroy 7). Poverty and dependency ratio will also drop drastically because of improved economic empowerment. The population ratio poses a threat to the stability of social intuitions such as marriage.There are more women than men in our society. The men on the hand are willing to marry only one woman because of the highly cherished nuclear family. This is because polygamy is not admirable in our current society. This marital tendency leaves a large group of ladies hanging out without a sexual partner. The only option remaining is for them to engage in prostitution so as to meet their sexual needs.

The institutions of marriage is then left secure, since one will only accept to be married after all their requirements have been met. Divorces due to poverty will no longer take place as one can still enjoy sex while still strive to be economically empowered before getting to married. The legalization of prostitution will also play a vital role in the curbing of social evils i.e. rape. The people who engage in rape don’t have the access to forceful sex despite their bodily urge. Ordinarily, rapists suffer rejection due to poverty, alienation and their incapability to express themselves due to inferiority complex and they often feel that only option left for then is to impose themselves sexually on others. To counter this, prostitution should be legalized so that sex can be accessed by any person at any given time. Prostitution will also promote the countries global image through cordial international relations. Tourists for instance have been accused of sexually exploiting children from other counties and even engaging in child trafficking. This is because of the stringent laws governing sex in their home country.

Access to sex at home will make them to be more responsible in their sexual activities when out of the country. When they visit countries where prostitution is legal the citizens are often challenged psychologically. It is therefore important that prostitution is legalized in our country so that society normalizes it. Prostitution helps to promote liberty in our society. Civil libertarians characterize prostitution as a victimless crime therefore ought to be legalized (Marneffe 4). The people who engage in this activity choose to do so. It is therefore necessary that we embrace everybody’s right to choice in our liberal society rather than engage in religious bondage (Levian, 8). In conclusion, accepting prostitution as a way of life is the only remedy to the sexually related problems facing our society.


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