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Concepts of Obama’s Presidency

Since Obama was inaugurated as president of the united states many changes have occurred both in legislation and programs mostly in the health, economic, and security sectors, the most recent being proposal to adopt a new health care system. Obama being a democrat, his government’s policies of governing emphasize the use of dialogue and agreements in the formulation of workable solutions facing America. Some of his policies for example funding on abortion has received a lot of debate both locally and internationally, due to differing views on the issue. Since his inauguration, America has seen the enactment of new bills for example the Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act, which the government adopted to ensure all workers receive correct treatment when it comes to lawsuits. Obama has not only signed bills but also adopted many programs, for example, the state child health insurance program (SCHIP), that primarily caters to children’s insurance cover (Levey p.1).

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(Clark p.1)

Obama’s Presidency

Many may argue that most policies adopted by Obama are politically driven; which democratically is never the case. This is because not only do his government’s policies deal with politics but also adoptions of some economic recovery strategies are a clear indication of concern on the economic viability of America. For example, the signing of the American recovery and reinvestment act is clear proof that the Obama government has good plans for the entire American population. In addition, to ensure his government manages well the currently existing economic crisis, his government came up with the public-private investment plan, which primarily provides provisions for product purchases. This was adopted with the notion that most real assets considered obsolete were affecting negatively stock valuations, hence leading to slow economic recovery.

Obama became the president when America was in a deep economic crisis posted by the last regime. Therefore, the American people expected good leadership to solve the issues that were affecting America. In the event of the world’s economic downturn, a new alliance programmatic to solve America’s spontaneous problems as necessary. During their first year in office, President Obama has experienced many obstacles that hinder his development agenda pass. The first obstacle is primarily the political power shift from the obvious superior white to the black president. This has remarkably led to political wrangles within democrats themselves and among republicans. There is massive lobbying every day in the financial sector with amusing financial regulations. For example, health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are in a fierce fight to control the health care industry in America thus, blocking the healthcare reform agenda. The poor in the society is in dire need of proper and cheap services from the government that is in dogmas and ideological discrepancies. President Obama in his ideological mindset thought that all departments of America’s administration ought to change to achieve his dream of a stable nation. However, the whole idea became unmatched as the way to delivery became cumbersome and quite dawdling. The idea to close down the Guantanamo Bay prison only elicited further friction during the first days in office. Social security needs urgent address but lobbying from societal groups and anti-Obama’s demonstrate a looming failure crisis. Millions of Americans are jobless while some giant companies like AIG and General Motors are succumbing to liquidation without realization of the impact brought about by

On foreign policy, Obama toured many places including reaching the Muslim world as a sign to unite Muslims and change their perceptions towards America. President Obama further fixed August 31, 2010, as the date to withdraw American troops from Iraq (Feller Para 1-6). On matters do to the war in Afghanistan, President Obama changed America’s strategies as far as the war in Iraq is by sending more troops. Obama further christened congress to allow the health reform bill to pass to overhaul the health care system. With all these awesome and promising injunctions in trying to bring reform although, his governance faces numerous challenges. The American people need reforms in key sectors of the economy. About five major challenges are facing the Obama administration. These include the Iraq war, the economy, energy and climate change, foreign policy, and health care.

Challenges in Obama’s Government


America needs a pure and prolific economic strategy, which will allow the American people to invest in the business and afford basic amenities. The Housing and banking industries also needed quick attention in terms of taxation. Due to the rise in Unemployment, critics have comes out strongly protesting against Obama‘s policies. The economic stimulus package meant to revive the economy encountered so many challenges and protests from the republicans. Only three republican congress representatives stayed on Obama’s side while others termed it as “babysitting less industrious Americans”. The response from the public is low as many view more taxation from the recovery package while there will be an extra amount spent on top of the budget plan. If consumer spending reduces, Obama argues that there could be more savings instead. However, the majority of republicans scrutinize this thought as a benefit of the doubt by asserting that, the amount of revenue will vary greatly as opposed to the plan by the Obama administration. The economic crisis looming all over the world will force millions to starve and die without proper basic amenities due to the squabbling among the republicans, independents, and democrats. Major financial industries like auto and finance are crawling due to poor financial systems in place, which create loopholes for manipulation (Calmes pp.1-2).

Iraq war

The majority of the republicans view the Iraq war as a fight against terrorism. It is quite astonishing to note that, the war in Iraq has impeached America’s image abroad. The war o Iraq has subjected Millions of Iraqis to death and dangers posed by Bush’s administration. The whites argue that Obama should instead focus on the war in Afghanistan to combat terrorist attacks from insurgent groups like Al-Qaeda. The republicans seem to be more focused and supporting the war in Iraq while the democrats review it as a waste of resources and loss of innocent lives of the troops. These confrontations seem to paralyze the system of adoption. If there is a civil war among the Iraqis and militia gangs, then the government has to adopt a visional policy. The Iraqi government can run the government on its own, which the democrats and republicans differ, as the republicans do not see it happening. Republicans do not want early withdrawal from Iraq as they see this as a move that will threaten America’s national security and it is like condoning ethnic fighting and genocide in Iraq.

(Melamed p.1)

Energy and climate change

Both republicans and democrats agree on the fact that climate change is on the rise. More people especially in developing countries are experiencing the consequences like drought and famine, even when they are not involved in emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which destroy the ozone layer. President Obama believes in a cap-and-trade strategy, which will require a permit from the government to auction the plan. Those who oppose the move argue that, if the government introduces permits, there will be sluggish economic growth but Obama sees the move as a new strategy to invest in the energy sector. Obama supports the plan that will see greenhouse carbon dioxide emissions reduced by 80% by the year 2050 while republicans want a 60% reduction of such pollutants by 2050 with unlimited permits to different agencies and corporations (Rosenthal Para. 1-9).

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Foreign policy

This is a hotly contested topic yet it poses the greatest threat to the American people. Both republicans and democrats have sharply differed on the war in Iraq, foreign affairs, and international terrorism operations. President Obama would like to see a renewed diplomacy, while republican strongholds believe in reinforcing the U.S military to counteract Islamic extremists who pose as terrorists. Democrats; Obama included opting for negotiations rather than confrontations to bring diplomacy into office. The visit by the Iranian president is a sure test of this. Obama plans to reach the enemies abroad by intelligent maneuvers, financial sanctions, a powerful military insurgency, and extinct diplomatic attentions. Republicans on the other side aim for a society whereby in a free terrorist world, Israel and United States need protection from Hamas alliances. Nevertheless, Obama is determined in ensuring that all Americans get protection from terrorist attacks.

Healthcare reform

To give every American an insurance policy to cover medical insurance, President Obama urged Congress to pass the healthcare reform act which will see all Americans have medical insurance. About 48 million U.S. citizens are without healthcare insurance cover. Insurance companies and employers run the healthcare system of the United States. Republicans dispute this as a minor program that is less industrious because they view the whole as making Americans lazy. Even today, this is one of the critical issues within the society in America. Lobby groups opposed to this plan are busy demonstrating as they observe a verdict that will snatch rich businesspersons their businesses. To Obama, the government should be the sole provider of healthcare while to republicans; both the citizens and the government should cost share. Obama’s critics think that the plan will create a deficit in the national funds while increasing more taxes to ordinary citizens. However, if accepted, the new healthcare reform will offend off federal employers from giving medical insurance, thus allowing all Americans to have an insurance medical cover in a non-mandate scenario (Hulse, 2009).

Current conflicting issues include the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the ever-disturbing healthcare reform bill. There is a big tussle among the republicans and the democrats over these two issues, which have marveled the Obama administration into unnecessary deadlock and government operations. During the first year of the Obama administration, President Obama scores A in the way he handles the Iraq war and public appointments into the office. Moreover, the healthcare reform bill allows Obama to be the best president in Medicare; he scores a B because of the infringing situations on the ground. On foreign policy, Obama scores A due to his diplomatic tactics in speaking to Muslims directly for example in Cairo, Egypt. On climate change, Obama scores a B since he has not fully convinced the whole world whether America is committed to the Kyoto protocol.

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