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President Obama’s Policies and Projects

The President’s main objective is to lead the state and society to the progress and prosperity. However, political courses and programs can have many advantages and disadvantages in their realization. Thus, being re-elected, President Obama should make conclusions about the previous policies and change the approach to realizing definite ineffective projects while following the same approach to completing the other successful programs. From this point, President Obama can continue improving the positive American image abroad with the help of effective foreign policies and do the next steps in the successful ecological project, but President should pay more attention to the social sphere and change the approach to providing the health care reforms and housing program.

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President Obama contributed much to improving the image of the USA abroad, and the President’s administration should focus on following the positive tendency. Thus, the image of the USA depends on the state’s successes in the military, economic, and diplomatic spheres which were significant during Obama’s presidency. Moreover, US effective strategies in relation to the situations in Libya and Afghanistan also contributed much to the process. That is why, the global community appreciated President Obama’s approaches to policies and diplomacy, and the world opinion on the USA grew.

The next success is the effective realization of the ecological program associated with the global projects in the field of environmental protection. President Obama should continue following the strategy according to which he developed the restrictions on toxic pollution and closed ecologically dangerous plants. Thus, the project resulted in such advantages as the decrease of the impact of toxic pollution on the public’s health. Furthermore, President Obama continued the reforms and proposed the necessary improvements for the sphere of renewable technology.

Nevertheless, President Obama should change the strategy in relation to the health care reform in order to guarantee the expected advantages for the population. President developed the reform to decrease the health insurance costs and improve the whole system. However, the results of the changes in the health care system were inappropriate, and the premiums costs increased instead of lowering. That is why, President should propose new variants for improving the situation in the US health care system.

Moreover, President Obama failed in realizing the housing program effectively. The program had to solve the problem with foreclosure, but the real results were far beyond the expected successes. Today, a lot of families cannot afford or avoid foreclosure, and the percentage of these people grows. Thus, President Obama’s task is to develop a new system and program which could improve the situation with residential mortgages because the problem is urgent and requires resolving.

The focus on two successful policies and two ineffective projects cannot provide the full picture of President Obama’s activities during the previous years. However, the mentioned points can help make conclusions about the achieved results and about the further improvements to make. In spite of their positive or negative character, the results are always significant, and their analysis helps people to march ahead and reach new tops. In this case, President Obama is in especially advantageous situation when he knows the drawbacks of the previous policies and can correct the strategies. Furthermore, President can continue the effective projects and concentrate on the other important accomplishments.

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