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Congress and the American People

By definition, the Congress is expected to represent the interests and needs of all American citizens, yet it is not always the case. Indeed, as the analysis of the current Congress shows, ethnic minorities are significantly underrepresented in it, which leads to the failure to meet the demands of the corresponding minority groups. Therefore, the Congress could benefit from a greater range of diversity.

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In addition, the Congress appears to be significantly distanced from the needs of people belonging to the lower economic status, including the members of the working class. Indeed, given the background and economic status of the Congress members, it can be presumed that most of them are unaware of the challenges and specifics of the daily lives of people from the specified social stratum. Therefore, without a clear idea of the challenges that the described demographic experiences when accessing specific services, Congress members are incapable of producing the regulations that meet the target audience’s needs.

Finally, the principles of voting, namely, only the two options given, restrict the variety of opinions and, therefore, reduce the argument to a single dilemma. The described method of addressing complex sociocultural, socioeconomic and sociopolitical issues may not always lead to a proper representation of citizens’ needs. As a result, the Congress may underrepresent specific groups, especially when dealing with the problems that affect marginalized populations.

Given the described issues in the understanding of its target population’s needs, the Congress appears to lack the grasp of the subject matter. Therefore, one can conclude that the Congress does not fully represent the people that it is supposed to represent. The described phenomenon has significant repercussions on the well-being of American citizens. For example, the levels of economic well-being may drop once the Congress accepts the bills that restrict citizens’ ability to access education, entrepreneurship, and other important areas. Likewise, the access to healthcare services, as well as the overall equality level, will reduce with the introduction of regulations that do not target the needs of vulnerable groups.

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