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Cool World, an American Animated Film


No one can deny that movies are therapies for culture for many viewers. The cool world which was a smash hit in 1992 was produced by Frank Mancuso, Jr. who has been featured in several videos such as Puberty, Tracking Patrick, The end of Experiment, Tears of the mother among others. The story which to some critiques is implausible is recounted through astounding acting, sound, editing, and other components of cinematography. The cool world is a yarn of cartoonists who get his route to the vivacious world he created and he is inveigled by one of his witty creatures. The movie which is directed by Ralph Bakshi was originally acted as a lively horror movie. Michael Corenblith, production designer assisted in the production of this movie. It presents a cartoonist who is a father of a half, a cartoon daughter who later wanted to kill his father because of what she is. Finally, the movie’s art director was David J. Bomba.

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Roles of the Directors

Ralph Bakshi the director of the movie had the role of casting decisions. He picked casts such as Brad Pitt, Gabriel Byrne, Kim Bassinger, and Bobby Bell among others who made the movie so interesting through their acting genius. As the director, he did shot planning and storyboarding alongside scheduling. He decided on the best shots for each scene throughout the movie flow. Ralph helped in script and story development, though this was later re-written by Michael Grais and Mark Victor who was directed by Frank Mancuso, Jr. finally he did the overall production design of the movie. The production designer is in charge of the overall look of the project and directs the art department. Michael in the movie helped build conceptual models which created a mood and elicited an emotional reaction in the movie. David J. Bomba Played a very vital role in the cool world movie. He helped ensure that there were direct visual ideas and also to bring the direct aesthetic vision in the movie. The art director is usually the administrator and therefore ensures that the setting evokes the desired theme and mood in the movie. He also sees the set development budgeting and necessary scheduling in a movie.

How the Movie Applied the Use of Lightning

The movie applied the use of light throughout the segments. The use of light was rich and segmented to convey the information as in the movie. For instance, after the accident, the screen goes black, and then when Brad Pitt is found by the policemen, he turns into a cartoon, the screen goes blank and the viewer is yanked into a screening room. Contrasting shadows have also been applied by the directors to evoke emotions further. In this movie, lightning symbolized the need for truth and happiness while the vastness of darkness portrays, shock, and difficult times. The black light, silhouettes of Brad’s character give the audience an emotional in depth understanding of his character. The directors in the movie also brought a sense of well-being through lights. Lightning fixed in the room gave it a sense of beauty. After the accident, the dim light portrayed depression, fear, and gloom. Finally, it is worth noting that the beauty of films is in how the artist can communicate through visuals. Frank Mancuso, Jr managed to use the light to match the cartoon lifestyles and the dramatic effects in the movie.

Movie Setting

The cool world film acted in 1992 with a story being traced in 1964 in Los Vegas in America. A more surprising tale is told when abnormally human beings turn into cartoons. The cultural setting is more traditional and magical. Costumes are very important as they can make or break a movie. Proper planning is necessary to provide proper clothes and props to the actors. At the beginning of the movie, the gambling casino comprises people who wore a lot of official clothing. The cartoons are given costumes that match them besides and flexibility which adds an artistic approach. Costumes further made it easier the understand the film because viewers can easily relate to what is happening in the movie.

Make-Ups and Hair Styles

Hairstyle and makeup are very important and can tell a lot about the characters and the role of the characters. These vanity concerns if not looked at can distant the audience. A disheveled hair for instance depicts a stressed character and confusion. In the movie, Brad is facetious proving the kind of an organized person he is before being involved in the accident.

Mise-en-scène which is the arrangement of all the stuff in the framing i.e. actors, props, costumes among others is very important as it is used to evoke lasting feelings throughout the scenes. Throughout the movie, many professionals are involved in its creation although the director is in charge of putting everything in order during pre-production and during the production process with support from various managers. The elements appear to work together as proved by the smooth flow of the scene. The proper flow of the scenes in the movie shows that there is no discordant as proved by the harmonious flow in the scenes. The design elements in my opinion are congruent going by the flow. Even though the movie was planned to be a horror the producer changed it to a cartoon which later caught many observers’ attention.


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