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Corporate Ethics in Work Environment


Corporate ethics has different meanings to different people; it is generally the awareness of what is right and wrong and the willingness and ability to choose to do right. (McNamara, 1997, par. 2). The corporate world is faced with many ethical problems. It is how these situations are handled that shapes corporate culture. An understanding of the implications of ethical problems will reduce ethical them and the associated costs. Every organization in the corporate world formulates and follows a set of rules, ethical programs, which define how its employees conduct themselves.

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Ethical programs

As stated above, ethical programs refer to the rules agreed upon by an organization to help them in upholding ethical standards. It is therefore of great essence to involve all parties in the formulation and implementation of these rules. Otherwise, the rules will be a ‘scarecrow’ to the unethical of the organization. In organizations with clearly defined ethical programs, and which involve all parties in upholding ethics, employees tend to be accountable for their actions and the actions of others. They strive to avoid unethical behavior and are willing to report any unethical behavior of their colleagues. It is also evident in organizations that, if top management is ethically correct, the employees also follow cues. (Clark, 2003, par. 3). Implementations of ethical programs depend on the particular organization. Organizations are guided by the law and their objectives in the implementation of these ethical standards. (Adam, n.d, para. 4).

Benefits of ethical corporate behavior

The benefits of ethics can never be exploited. Ethics is directly related to the success of any organization. For instance, if the accountant does not commit fraud, profits will be higher, if workers observe ethical social behavior; they will work in unity and realize the goals of the organization. It has been observed that managers who relate well with junior employees instill some level of work enthusiasm in the employees. The scrutiny accorded to ethics in the working environment has led to openness, unity, and integrity that has led to enhanced teamwork. Thus, employees find themselves upholding ethical values in the workplace as much as they uphold their values. (McNamara, 1997, par. 3). Ethical behavior also has a major effect on the customers or clients of a given organization. Performance is, thus, affected adversely by ethical standards.

Effects of unethical corporate behavior

Unethical corporate societies have a lot of ‘ethics-begotten’ problems. To mention just a few: inability to maximize profits, cold relationships in the workplace, the influence of good people to be involved in unethical behavior, acceptance of bribes, discrimination of employees, making payments illegally, pollution of the environment, and involvement of employees in customer activities. (Long& Rao, 2008, par. 4) are all unethical corporate behavior. Not so long ago, there was a lot of inhumanity in the workplace including torture, racial and personality discrimination, feminism, etc. (McNamara, 199, par. 37). Corporations should learn to observe ethics for their benefit.


Good ethical decisions are not always clear-cut. The answers are not always obvious or easy, but having a good ethics program established and in place, makes the workplace a pleasant environment for the employees as well as the customers. It is thus apparent that ethics are important in the workplace since, as stated above, they provide higher profits, higher morale, etc. Ethical behavior is, thus, the proper course of action.


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