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Means of Creating a Healthy Work Environment


Today, as society is changing in an attempt to make daily routines comfortable for everyone, the question of a healthy work environment draws a lot of public attention. Now, in the context of a global pandemic, it has become apparent that, in some cases, various facilities, especially medical, need to change their dynamics to become a suitable workplace. This essay will address the factors which help create a healthy work environment.

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Main body

It is commonly believed that a medical unit is supposed to be a safe space for a patient. And, as for the staff, the atmosphere tends to be that of high tension. The article headlined “Healthy Work Environment: Is Your Unit Up To Par?” by Beth Ulrich (2007) covers the points which are of essence for a workspace to be suitable for a nursing job. These factors will be discussed in detail further in the paper.

To begin with, the aspects which influence the culture within an organization positively will be considered. As it is emphasized in the article, the opportunity for registered nurses to participate in decision-making and express their ideas and suggestions freely is a marker of a healthy environment (Ulrich, 2007). Furthermore, an effective system of communication and means of collaboration among the employees is crucial for the organizational culture. Consequently, staff needs to be adequate in terms of the number of members and competence in order to maintain the work environment fluent so that the employees do not become overwhelmed with work. Generally, respect among all parties, the employer as well as the staff, is the key factor for the healthy culture of an institution, as it presupposes all of the aforementioned details.

In contrast, the culture of an organization is negatively impacted when disrespect is considered the norm and is accepted at the workplace. It includes a disdainful attitude towards employees, verbal and physical abuse, and sexual harassment. If disrespectful behavior is tolerated by the receiving side of it, the organizational culture becomes inherently unhealthy. Thus, the issue of self-care at work arises as a means of influencing the environment.

Essentially, self-care at a workplace presupposes setting certain boundaries to suppress possible disrespectful behavior coming from an employer or a client. It also means that an employee does not have to feel obligated to complete the duties of another staff member so as not to overwork. As it is highlighted in the article, as soon as registered nurses refuse to work under the conditions of disrespect and a toxic atmosphere, a healthy environment will have to settle within an organization (Ulrich, 2007). Thus, it can be said that self-care is one of the means of improving workplace culture.

Another method of ensuring that the atmosphere is stable and healthy is engaging employees in decision-making and expressing their opinions. Furthermore, an organization can show support and appreciation for an employee by providing opportunities for professional development. It includes participation in external workshops as well as the possibilities of continuing education and specialty certification. Therefore, career growth benefits not only the employee by expanding their professional knowledge and experience, but also the employer by providing competent staff.


In conclusion, a healthy work environment can be created and maintained under the conditions of cooperation between an employer and an employee. It presupposes mutual respect, which includes appropriate behavior at a workplace, balance in terms of duties and tasks, and an efficient way of communication between both parties. Furthermore, it is crucial that staff members contribute to the maintenance of a healthy atmosphere by not tolerating uncomfortable conditions. All of these factors, when combined, impact the culture of an organization ensuring a stable working atmosphere.

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