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Cottage Town: Oral Presentation of Project


Oral presentation is considered to be a real success of any project because it gives an opportunity to communicate with the audience and have an eye-to-eye contact with your possible clients. Oral presentation can bring a beneficial deal but only in case if one follows the main rules and instructions which are necessary for it’s fulfillment:

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  • To provide complete involvement of the audience into the presentation making it in the form of a partial dialogue;
  • To use the necessary visual aids: different photos, pictures and slide shows;
  • To sound interesting not boring and try to cause some reaction of the audience;
  • Let the audience ask some question and pay attention to the aspects they are interested in.

All these rules are very important for the successful oral presentation and will compulsory result in the project fulfillment and its new clients.

Cottage Town Project

Evaluating modern market of construction sphere and demand of the population concerning residential area, one can come to a conclusion that nowadays modern population, to be more exact modern families have no perfect place to spend together with their children and close relatives. Thus, the demand in the new area for rest and physical and moral relaxation is very high that is why the project under consideration is devoted to the building of the new cottage town outside big cities and providing the population with wonderful nature, clean air and healthy way of life without work problems.

The main goals of the Cottage Town Project

  • Provide the population of big cities with a new residential area located in the country;
  • Satisfy the needs of the population in terms of protection and health care;
  • Provide families having small children with special places of entertainment and education;
  • Improve general physical and moral condition of the society by high quality of service at a reasonable price;
  • Improve the family life of some people who have little chance to spend a lot of time together.

All goals mentioned above can be reached with the help of this project. The demand analysis of the construction market proves that this project will compulsory improve the level of social life of those who live in major cities.

It is important to stress that among the main goals of the cottage town is to provide security for the population during their rest so parents can be calm and sure that their children are safe. Education and entertaining centers will allow children to develop their skills in the form of games and interesting programs. Skilled specialists will teach them some background knowledge in art and culture involving them into the world history. Cottage town will be the perfect place not only for children but also for their parents, it will be like a magic town of calmness and relaxation. Parents will have an opportunity to experience different useful procedures for their health and enjoy the sound of the nature.

In order to fulfill the plan and meet the requirements of the population the project under analysis should be supported by the investors and construction companies.


One of the most important aspects of the project fulfillment is its support and financial aid. The Cottage Town Project is aimed at the following audience:

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  • Investors. Investing in the project is really important because it will take a lot of costs and should be thoroughly developed. Investment concerns a lot of aspects beginning from the construction process and up to the inner design of the cottages and security introduction within the town.
  • Construction companies; The involvement of the construction companies into the project fulfillment is an integral part of it. It is important to stress that the contract signed with the particular construction company will be beneficial for it and long term. It is so, because some further reconstructive works within the new cottage town will be fulfilled by this very company, so it will have particular clients for a long period of time.
  • Architects; Architects are to develop special design and comfortable location of small cottages within the town, to present special places for education and entertaining centers and make the town not overcrowded;
  • Designers; Cottages within the town should look wonderful and comfortable with the involvement of calm colors and a lot of space. The participation of the skilled designers will allow to create such atmosphere.

Peculiarities of the Cottage Town Project

In general the number of houses built in the cottage town will not be more than 50. This figure is not big for the town but it will give an opportunity for people to avoid overcrowded area with noise and great amount of unknown people. To take a closer look at the project of cottages let us consider the following:

This structure proves that Cottage Town will not be too overcrowded as the number of houses in it is limited from the very beginning.

Additional buildings will be:

  • Educational center;
  • Park of entertainment;
  • Medical center;
  • Center of Health and Beauty;
  • Two canteens.

So, one can see that all the necessary service will be provided at the territory of the town for its guests to be completely satisfied.

Benefits of the Project

Evaluating the significance of the project it is important to stress that it is really beneficial and abounds in advantages both for the members of the project and for the population.


  • Short term project will satisfy the needs of the population in the next summer season;
  • Construction company will have an opportunity to get a great income and new effective partners;
  • Investors of the project will get a paying percent from the deal at the shortest period of time;


The research carried out showed that the fulfillment of this project will be beneficial for all its members and satisfy the needs of the population very quickly. The high level of services provided within the town will make family rest comfortable and unforgettable.

The main reason for the fulfillment of this project is that demand and supply in this field do not coincide; thus, the requirements of the population are not met. This project will be beneficial for all parts. It will result in the new residential area with a beautiful nature and favorable conditions for rest not far from the city and provide Construction Company together with investors with a profitable deal they are interested in.

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