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COVID-19, Eviction, and Vulnerable Groups


  • Coronavirus pandemic: a powerful force that has shaped every area of social and business interactions;
  • Real estate: one of the least considered yet most affected areas;
  • Himmelstein (2021): eviction being a tremendous problem affecting the livelihood of vulnerable groups (aging people, women, and ethnic minorities);
  • Eviction: “exclusion of people from one or more current crucial uses of a particular area of land or other territories” and the product of a failed attempt at addressing eh pandemic (Annunziata & Lees, 2016, p. 149).

Advantages of the Solution

Advantage 1

  • Opportunity to shed light on the needs of vulnerable groups
  • Outlining the current concerns and the means of acting to correct them

Advantage 2

  • Opportunity to view the issue from different points of view
  • Opportunity to consider key extraneous factors

Disadvantages of the Solution

  • Key disadvantage: lack of a clearly defined approach toward time management;
  • No clarifications regarding the sample size and its justification;
  • Therefore, no evidence proving the conclusive legitimacy of the proposed outcomes.

Efficacy of the Proposed Change: Delivery and Access

  • Current delivery rates: possible issues due to the time constraints;
  • Future projections: gradual implementation of the project;
  • Access to proposed services: moderate due to the time management issues;
  • Solution: emphasis on the analysis of population-specific factors defining its vulnerability to eviction.

Efficacy of the Proposed Change: Financing

  • Current financial projections seriously lacking in detail;
  • Absence of a well-defined budgeting plan;
  • CDC specifies that no direct rent relief will be provided to vulnerable groups;
  • Stronger and more effective financial strategies and approaches toward budget planning are needed.

Organizations and Interest Groups

  1. Support of CDC as one of the most influential health organizations;
  2. Assistance of the NHS as another powerful health organization;
  3. Local groups and companies as suppliers and partners.

Selected policy

  • Regulatory: to provide clear guidelines and legal standards for addressing the issue;
  • Facilitating: to ensure that the established rules are followed and accepted as a uniform approach across the U.S.

Selected Organization

  • Selected body: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
  • Rationale: opportunity to promote evidence-based research;
  • Benefits: financial support and provision of resources


Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. (2021). Funding announcements. Web.

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