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“Crash”: Movie Significance


The movie Crash is an American drama film released in 2004. The film was written and directed by Paul Haggis and it premiered in 2004, at the Toronto film festival on the 10th of September. The movie won numerous academy awards, with its primary theme being that of racial discrimination. The film is set in California, all its characters are both guilty of racism and the victims of racial stereotypes. It, thus, highlights the importance of tolerance and fairness while calling all its viewers to be introspective concerning their racial prejudice.

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Most Significant part of the film

The most significant part of the film as per the writers is the events that follow the traffic scene with Mrs. Thayer. Christine Thayer raises hell when her husband stands by calmly as officer John Ryan molests her at a police stop is proof that colorism is a challenge in society. Her light skin often leads to preferential treatment; therefore, it is a foregone conclusion that her light skin allowed her to be perceived as a white woman in America (Haggins, 2004). Consequently, she assumes that her husband, as a black man, would survive standing up to the police in her honor. She is angry when he fails to stand up for her, highlighting the ignorance, selfishness, and the level of self-preservation she has embraced following her experience with colorism.

Sociological concepts

The sociological concepts highlighted are inequality and social structure. The two concepts are apparent, whereby the aspect of inequality is seen in that the blacks are at the mercy of whites regarded as a superior race. Gender inequality is also seen, whereby a male officer molests a woman, and she counts on her husband to defend her instead of standing up for herself. The aspect of social structure is evident in the narrator’s employment position Graham Walters is a detective. Graham’s societal position is set above most other characters in his access to information. Police officers are a supreme power, and citizens trust them unquestioningly. The district attorney can sway opinions due to his position, and in the movie, he uses his role to lie about the carjacking incident.

Issues to be researched

The role of religion in the lives of different Americans is a part of the narrative that is only followed briefly. These do not receive much attention except in the Persian convenience store owner’s life, for he faces discrimination based on 9/11 following his Islamic faith. The other incident where religion is a focal point is Peter’s death. He holds on to a statue of Saint Christopher as opposed to a firearm upon being accosted by the police (Haggins, 2004). Therefore, the role of religion in the characters’ lives is a topic that requires further speculation.

Implications for our personal direction

The film implies that all persons are prejudiced against certain groups or cultures. The writer suggests that prejudice is a factor arising from previous experiences or a lousy encounter. The characters, therefore, depict the behaviors and ideas held by most American citizens in a manner that is both obvious and unthreatening. The implications of the film encourage viewers to perceive each person with understanding and tolerance to promote justice and love within communities.


The film Crash won numerous awards due to its thrilling storyline and its excellent and considerate coverage of the characters all viewers could easily relate to. The film is a work of art that advocates for equality in society. The likelihood that the film will change people’s lives is low. However, the creation of awareness may go a long way in the progressive elimination of racism.


Haggins, P. (2004). Crash [Film]. Lions Gate Films.

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