Creating an Ideal State of Examply


An example is a relatively small country that, during its previous government’s rule, had limited relations with other states. Now, Examples government is building itself from the start, ensuring that the voices of its citizens will be heard in all instances. The following essay will present the domestic and foreign concerns that the nation’s new government has to acknowledge. The governing style, branches, local programs, and economic structures will be discussed. Then, two international organizations and their purpose will be presented. Finally, the essay will investigate how to combat the existing terrorism threat.

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Domestic Concerns

After the era of dictatorship ended, Example established a direct democracy. It was designed to include every citizen in the conversation and policy creation (Altman, 2017). The principles of direct democracy are participation, transparency, and group responsibility. The government will establish local branches to separate areas by regional concerns. Each community will have two structures – an administration that deals with day-to-day issues and a council that considers disputes between territories. On a country-wide scale, the government branch of foreign relations will develop international relationships.

The first domestic program will make school-level education accessible to all citizens. This effort will raise the public’s preparedness for work and daily living, increase the level of literacy, and help the residents to participate in future referendums. The second measure is the establishment of a new public health care system. The previous dictatorship greatly limited people’s access to treatment, leading to an increase in infectious diseases and poor nutrition. Free healthcare based on people’s contribution through wealth-based taxation helps people from all backgrounds to solve these issues. The economic system will mix the public and the private sectors (Altman, 2017). This structure will be used to provide people with the financial support that they need due to the rigorous control of the previous dictatorship. People’s national unity will arise from constant participation in the country’s affairs.

Foreign Concerns

Examply will enter into two international organizations – the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations (UN). The WTO regulates standards for international trade and establishes fair conditions for financial operations (Baldwin, 2016). This organization will help Examply to create strong ties with other nations and begin trading goods and services, opening up to the world. To join the WTO, Examply will have to go through a long process of negotiation and assessment, during which its economic capability will be evaluated. Examply will apply to the General Council with a proposition that describes its policies. Then, countries in the WTO will review Examply’s background information and make some suggestions for Examply to comply with the WTO. The second organization is the UN, which has a Security Council that established peacekeeping operations and installs sanctions against non-compliant countries (Ralph & Gifkins, 2017). The UN will help Examply to receive the necessary protections against the terrorist threat. To enter the UN, Examply will submit an application that will be reviewed by the leading members.

To combat terrorism, Examply will work within and outside the country. First, deradicalization will be considered to address the communities that support the previous dictator. Local governments will work to locate radicalized individuals, eliminate channels for radicalization, and introduce rehabilitation programs for deradicalized citizens (Doosje et al., 2016). This program will disrupt the recruitment of new terrorists and provide people who are thinking to join radical organizations with an alternative. The second effort will be to seek support from other nations to install economic sanctions for the neighboring country. This action should limit the state’s ability to arm terrorists and increase its’ dependence on supplies.


The country of Examply’s new government takes radical steps to contrast the decision of the overthrown dictator. The lack of recognition of people’s voices under the previous ruler resulted in them demanding to be acknowledged. The country’s social programs are directed at mitigating the issues of poor education and health. Examply will aim to join the WTO and UN to gain economic support and security. The nation will introduce deradicalization efforts and economic sanctions to combat terrorism.


Altman, D. (2017). The potential of direct democracy: A global measure (1900–2014). Social Indicators Research, 133(3), 1207-1227.

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