Creating an Ideal State with Democratic Government


My country is located in a landlocked region and is rich in natural resources. Constant wars destroyed much of the infrastructure, so much effort must be made to rebuild the necessary facilities. This paper describes the new governing style and provides a brief plan for improving the situation. It addresses both domestic and foreign concerns by incorporating public programs and recommending two international organizations for joining.

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Domestic Concerns

The country will accept the model of constitutional democracy because the constitution will play a significant role in stabilization and will help overcome the political crisis. The government will be divided into three branches: legislative, judicial, and executive. The legislative branch will be responsible for developing laws and will be engaged in the development and adoption of legal acts that regulate public relations, monitor, and distribute the state budget. The executive branch will enforce the execution of laws and the constitution. The activity of the judicial branch will consist of strengthening the dominion of law and order, the prevention of crimes and other offenses, as well as of protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Public good programs of particular importance are defense and education. The Defense program is necessary because the country is facing an external threat from the former dictator and his companions. When the government guarantees the security of its citizens, the people will concentrate on the next important things. The Education program is required because the perpetual war deprived many people of education. If the knowledge gap is not reduced immediately, the country will be in crisis for many years because of an incompetent workforce and management. Under this program, the number of public schools and universities will increase. There will also be a possibility to receive an education free of charge.

The non-fluctuating economic structure is essential because the country is not yet ready for harsh shifts. Potential structural unemployment is a challenge that must be addressed accordingly (Martin, Sunley, Gardiner, & Tyler, 2016). That is why we must continue with our previous economic system but plan for growth as we prepare our new generation of workers through the renovated education system. National unity is crucial, so relevant programs will be developed to support citizens’ initiatives and increase socialization. The propaganda of unity and how it will benefit the country and its citizens is a possible way of encouraging solidarity.

Foreign Concerns

There are going to be many capital projects to complete because the country’s currency is facing challenges. The World Bank is the organization that provides loans for such projects, and our nation must seek ways for becoming members. To join the World Bank, the country must first join the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (The World Bank, 2019). After that, we must deposit the required amount of money and apply for membership in the World Bank. INTERPOL is another organization that we must consider because we will have access to preventative measures concerning external threats. It is an international organization that brings police of many countries together to battle international crime (INTERPOL, 2019). To apply for a membership, our nation must first meet the criteria set by the INTERPOL Constitution.

To manage the external and domestic threat we must assemble and fund a professional army to defend the country’s borders and cities. Then, we must develop an intelligence agency that will help prevent terrorist attacks and impose necessary measures on those that try to destabilize the situation in the country. The professional military will be much more useful than the mobilized population because the trained specialists are more effective. Also, the collected knowledge from our intelligence agencies will help oversee the potential threats.


A lot of resources are needed to rebuild the country, but the provided plan has got potential. Properly structured programs that will deal with domestic concerns and international organizations that will help with foreign issues give a good starting point. External threats are also addressed because the security of the nation is a necessity for its prosperity. Only after ensuring the security of our citizens, we can think of other problems.

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