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Crutcho Public School: Obesity in School Children

Community Diagnosis

Numerous schoolchildren at Crutcho Public elementary school, Oklahoma City, are obese revealing how obesity is a threat to that community. Having carried a health assessment in the school, a community diagnosis identifies and quantifies the concerned health conditions. The community diagnosis will have four stages. The first one is the initiation stage where a committee consisting of government departments, health experts, and non-governmental corporations is established to conduct the study. The common areas for study in this project include health condition of these school children, lifestyles, living conditions, socioeconomic status, physical conditions, public health services, and available policies.

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The group will formulate the project scope, prepare work schedule, and disseminate the report. Secondly, they will collect data both qualitative and quantitative on the health conditions of the concerned community with regard to obesity and other associated complications. The survey will occur through self-administered questionnaires, structured interviews, and use of focus groups among others. Consequently, the collected and compiled data will require analysis from experts.

The next step is diagnosis of the concerned community where the health status with regard to obesity is unveiled. Other variables include the determinants of the health condition, and probable remedies (Lobstein et al. 2004, p. 4). Consequently, the reports will be given to the relevant audiences for a remedial action. These include policy-makers, health experts, the public, and other health activists. Community diagnosis in this context will be a dynamic process mandated to enhance community health and alleviate obesity.

2 goals and at least 2 objectives for each goal

One of the goals that would apply in this chosen community is the alleviation of the obesity cases among children (and beyond) to attain the mandates of the Healthy People 2020. From this goal, one of the objectives is to ensure that children eat appropriately and at the right time. This objective ensures that the victimized children eat healthily to reduce their obese complications. Another objective in this phenomenon is to ensure that the affected children engage themselves in daily exercises/physical activities to help them in keeping fit and reducing some weight gradually. Evidently, these two major objectives will guarantee the attainment of the major goal (alleviating obesity among the schoolchildren).

Another goal is to stop new infections (new obese cases). Precisely, this goal ensures that after some period, no emergence of new cases will be witnessed. In this context, one objective is to educate the community on how to eliminate the occurrence of obesity in families (Oude et al. 18). This provision should be continuous to ensure its materialization. Another objective is to campaign against the consumption of junk foods and unhealthy eating habits. These goals and objectives conform to the stipulations of the Healthy People 2020.

Existing programs

USA has established numerous programs to address the issue of obesity among the schoolchildren, adults, and the elderly. One such program is the “CDC’s State-Based NPAP”. The program was established years ago and endeavors to curb the incidences of obesity and other interconnected chronic ailments. In this context, there are resources available to curb the incidences of obesity. The program operates at local, state, and national level. CDC’s State-Based NPAP has a vast prevention level indicated by its operations. Other programs include the nationwide “Obesity Prevention Programs” meant to alleviate the cases of obesity amidst the American people. Precisely, the programs strive to curb obesity at all cost. In its level of operation, the program campaigns for the weight reduction among the children, healthy eating, and regular exercises (Lobstein et al. 2004, p. 7).


Lobstein, T., Baur, L. and Uauy, R. (2004). Obesity in children and young people: a crisis in public health. Obesity Reviews. Vol. 5: 4–85.

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