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Proposal for Fad Diets



  1. Research question: Could fad diets be considered as the efficient tool to improve the general state of a persons health or they result in significant deterioration?
  2. Working thesis: Fad diets could not be considered as the efficient and secure tool as there is no solid scientific rationale evidencing their great positive impact on the state of peoples health and the adherence to these diets characterized by numerous strict limitations might do significant harm to the health of a person
  3. Angle: The increased popularity of fad diets gave rise to numerous concerns related to the state of individuals health. The unwise choice of products and the absence of any scientific rationale contribute to the development of harmful practices that impact people and condition the appearance of various diseases. However, despite a number of appeals to stop the development of these practices, the promises of weight loss and other benefits still attract people.


  1. The health of the nation is one of the major concerns that impact the further development of any state and condition its well-being. Healthy people will be able to make a significant contribution and stop the extinction, preserving the current values and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Being an educated person working in the sphere of healthcare, I perfectly realize the great threat posed by the increased popularity of fad diets. In these regards, I will be able to use my competence and knowledge related to the given sphere to investigate the impact fad diets have on the state of health and make a certain conclusion. Moreover, I will obviously use credible sources of information to obtain the relevant data needed for the precise analysis of the given question. The articles by Wilson (2011) and Ruden, Rasouli, and Lu (2007) will contribute to the credibility of the paper and provide the data needed to prove our statement.


  1. People who adhere to the main points of fad diets will be the primary audience as they are interested in the real effect these diets might have on their health. Additionally, the great credit of the given paper will also attract them.
  2. My professor and my classmates could be considered the secondary audience. Some of these people might be attracted by the given practice and the information presented could help them to make the final conclusion and decide whether to adhere to this diet or no.
  3. It is difficult to predict the audiences reaction to my words. I believe that the majority will share my opinion and be on my side. However, people who already adhere to this sort of diet might have another point of view.


Research collected so far

I have already investigated credible sources to determine the impact the unwise usage of various products might have on the state of a persons health. Numerous sources prove the idea that if a fad diet does not rest on a certain scientific ground, it will obviously result in the significant health problems

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Research to be collected

I will have to collect the data related to the results of the usage of the given diet by certain people. This information will obviously help to increase the credibility of the paper and make the arguments stronger. Finally, real-life examples will help to answer the research question and prove our hypothesis.


The given project is aimed at the reconsideration of the nature of fad diets and improvement of the comprehending of the given issues major concerns. People should understand the pernicious impact the unwise approach might have on their health. Finally, I propose to replace fad diets with less strict traditional ones which should have a solid scientific rationale.


Investigating numerous sources needed to create a certain research paper, a person obtains the basic skills of working with literature and its evaluation. However, in creating a certain paper or document, a researcher also has to avoid plagiarism and provide only his/her own ideas which might be conditioned by the previous readings. In this regard, it is crucial to indicate the thoughts of a certain author and underline their belonging to another person. That is why various citation styles exist. Yet, the adherence to the APA citation style could make the document more structured, well-organized and will also help to avoid plagiarism which is vital under modern conditions. For instance, while analyzing the paper Comparison of antioxidant potency of commonly consumed polyphenol-rich beverages in the United States the information about the antioxidant potency of certain products could be considered relevant and useful for further research. For this reason, it is necessary to create the appropriate in-text citation which will look like:

Seeram et al. (2008) state that the products characterized by the high content of polyphenols also might have a certain antioxidant potency.

However, if we want to use the authors specific words and data, the direct quote should be used:

“A number of different beverage products claim to have antioxidant potency due to their perceived high content of polyphenols” (Seeram et al., 2008, p. 1415).

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The given format will help to distinguish between the author and some other scientists ideas and obtain the information about the used source.


Seeram, N. P., Aviram, M., Zhang, Y., Henning, S. M., Feng, L., Dreher, M., & Heber, D. (2008). Comparison of antioxidant potency of commonly consumed polyphenol-rich beverages in the United States. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 56(4), 1415-1422.

Ruden, D., Rasouli, R., & Lu, X. (2007). Potential Long-Term Consequences of Fad Diets on Health, Cancer, and Longevity: Lessons Learned from Model Organism Studies. Technology in Cancer Research and Treatment, 6(3), 247-254. Web.

Wilson, D. (2011). Organic Nutrition in Pediatrics Fad or Health Benefit. Childhood Obesity and Nutrition, 3(2), 68-69. Web.

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