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Roles of Individuals in Curriculum Development


Curriculum development is an important process requires the participation of all the stakeholders. Individuals participate in curriculum development in their capacity as stakeholders and they should have their functions clearly defined.

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According to Haladyna, & Thomas (1979) The teachers should be in charge of collecting current information that would be included in curriculum reform process The teachers will provide the specific objectives that should be achieved by the curriculum in class. The teachers would be involved in collaborative research on curriculum activities. Teachers will provide guidance to students and Principals on the important areas. Teachers will also participate in training so as to meet requirements of the curriculum. They would be involved in ongoing staff professional development. The teachers would play the leadership role in the school setting by coordinating reform activities. They would be very significant in interpreting the curriculum development process to the individual learners to ensure their participation.


Being the main targets for curriculum development their functions would include views on specific areas of interests. The students would also highlight talents they feel are important in their lives. Students will be required to identify activities they wish to be included in the curriculum. The students would be expected to identify the various motivational areas that can be used to improve learning in the new curriculum.

The student would play the role of identifying and defining the exact levels of expectation in the curriculum. (Haladyna, T & Thomas, 1979)

Content specialists

They would play the role of enriching the new content to ensure that it suits the market demands. They would carry out research on areas that require attention by the curriculum There work would entail making sure that new content is added in the curriculum according to the demands from other stakeholders. They would be in charge of publishing the new materials that would have been included in the new curriculum. ( Prevost ,1996)

School heads

They would give direction on budgetary matters of the curriculum.

The principals would provide direction on resource allocation for the needs of the curriculum. The principal would have the authority to allocate time and resources that would facilitate the curriculum development activities at the school level. The school heads would also offer guidance on the priority areas in terms of resources to facilitate changes in the curriculum. Prevost, (1996)

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Parents would give views on supportive materials and environment for the new curriculum. Parents would provide expertise and experience that can be useful in the curriculum development. Parents are expected to play the role of mentors and advisors to their children and advocate for new reforms that would achieve desirable results in the education system (Woefle,1980)

School board members

The school board members would be expected to provide support and advocate for changes in the curriculum in there respective schools. They would be in charge of seeking public support to facilitate changes in the curriculum


As mentioned by Prevost, (1996) Policymakers should have the authority to put in place policies that would oversee research into curriculum areas of priority. They would also be in charge of effecting changes in the curriculum at the higher level. They would advocate for champion for reforms in the education system by ensuring that government policy is changed in favor of what is proposed by the majority of the stakeholders.


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