Death Explanation in Christian Religion

Human death has been explained in many different ways by the different religions existing in this global world. Death explanation has taken a variety of pathways depending based on the founders of the particular religions. The Christian religion is founded on the divine almighty God, who is believed to have sent his only son to the world from a place called heaven to redeem his people. The redemption followed after the human beings defied god’s order and lead by an evil spirit, the man broke his covenant with his God. As it is described from their sources of literature, this disobedience of man provokes the anger of his supernatural being.

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Thus, the consequences of a human being’s denial to obey the supreme evoke wrath leading to the curse of the death penalty on him. It is therefore believed that the origin of death was a result of man’s disobedience. Because it is well understood that whenever a problem arises, a solution is thus necessary to be sort. God so loves and through his mercies and pure intention to man’s creation purpose, he reconciled man back, so that he can live eternally. Christians fear doing evil deeds which are contrary to the teachings of their doctrines as a guide by the authentic book called the bible so that, they may not have eternal death. (Saliers, 1991)

When human beings die, Christians do not believe that he has died not to exist. They believe that there is life after death. They explain this by arguing that human beings are soul and body. The soul is the god of nature while the body is like clay, which is used by a potter. So, what happens after death is that the human being which is the soul is taken back by the owner or creator of all things. The body which is in form of soil is returned to wherever it initially came from. The body remains in this state of resting waiting for a period when the redeemer of human nature will come and take it in a new form to heaven. Thus, there is resurrection after death suffering.

Decision-making in the Christian religion takes several ways variety from one Christian denomination to another. Generally, decision-making is made by those elected partisans in different ranks of administration. They include bishops, archbishops, catechists as well as pastors. Sometimes there are consultations from the whole Christian population of a particular denomination on a matter which seems to affect them. Most decisions are made up to the downward process.

When human death is examined with greater discernment, it may be observed that there is an intimate connection between it and salvation. Salvation deals with matters which concern the deliverance from sin. As it is depicted from the above message, death was a result of sin. Salvation is therefore a means through which human beings are safe from their sins through the Supreme Being Jesus Christ. When you receive salvation, it is believed that you are a new creature void of sinful nature. This acts as means by which the human being can overwhelm death and live eternally. This is enhanced by living not in a bodily way but through spiritual nature. (Saliers, 1991)

Death contributes very much to our ethical behavior. This is because by observing the thing which may lead to death, we first have to contemplate the things which are connected to sin. Our ethical behavior deals with matters which are of good purpose and those acts which bring happiness, pleasure, and joy to our neighbors. These are the goods things which we do in our daily activities so that we do not harm friends or any other person within our proximity. Our ethical behavior is not limited to our deeds only, but to a larger extent, they involve our emotional feelings which we may create within the environment of our existence. If our emotions are bad to other people, our moral behavior turns out to be unethical and thus we sin which may lead to death. (Rudolf, 1958)


Rudolf, O. (1958): The Idea of the Holy: Oxford University.

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Saliers, D. E. (1991): Christian Spirituality: New York.

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