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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Death

  1. Is Smoking Cigarettes Just for Fun or a Death Sentence?
    Smoking cigarettes is one of the most popular bad habits in the world. Those who are addicted to it keep saying that there is nothing wrong about smoking.
  2. Death Upon Request: Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
    In the documentary Death Upon Request assisted euthanasia is the result of the patient’s decision, since some people prefer to die in dignity in order not to burden their loved ones.
  3. Mental Disorders and Vulnerability to Homicidal Death
    The current article supports the fact that mental disorders are risk factors for accidental death and suicide, but there is limited data to suggest their association with homicide.
  4. Birds Starvation and Death in Alaska
    The article Thousands of Birds Found Dead along Alaskan Shoreline by Seth Kovar and Steve Almasy addresses the death of the birds in Alaska because of starvation.
  5. Stages of Grief: Acceptance of Death in Diverse Cultures
    Death is an inevitability, and sooner or later every human being is put to face it. Grief comes together with death, especially when a loved one dies.
  6. Workplace Death and Injuries
    The paper analyzes the article “The Occupational Safety and Health Act’s Preemptive Effect on State Criminal Prosecutions of Employers for Workplace Death and Injuries”.
  7. James Deem’s Auschwitz: Voices from the Death Camp
    The goal of James Deem’s book Auschwitz: Voices from the Death Camp is to draw the reader’s attention to the problem of the Holocaust and realities of living in Auschwitz
  8. Death and Dying in Christianity and Buddhism
    Using Christianity and Buddhism as two diverse religious perspectives, this discussion explores how patient’s health demands can be met by healthcare practitioners.
  9. Terrorist Attacks: Death and Horrifying Effects on Innocent People
    The perception of terrorist attacks is highly recognized across the globe and is among the frequently cited issues of the current society.
  10. Death Perception Along the Life Span
    The relationship between age and death works in two separate ways: our reaction to a person’s death depends both on his or her age, as well as on ours.
  11. “The Black Death and the World It Made” by Cantor
    The Black Death is known as one of the most horrible and destructive pandemics that hit the medieval world. It surfaced in Europe in the fourteenth century at around 1347 to 1350.
  12. Human Life and Death in Christianity and Buddhism
    Illness often leads to agony and prompts the search for the meaning of life as people try to understand the reasons behind their predicaments.
  13. The Concept of Death in Islam
    According to Islam, death is the soul’s return to its creator, who is Allah. Thus, this religion regards human life as a complex of severe trials, which always end in death.
  14. Natural Death Act and Life-Sustaining Treatment
    The common form of the natural death act is a declaration to withdraw or withhold life-sustaining treatment in terminal state occurrence.
  15. Death and Dying in America: A Nursing Point of View
    Birth and death are the two things that a single person can never avoid in this life. It is possible to avoid illnesses, financial challenges, hunger, psychological disorders, etc.
  16. Nursing View on Death and Dying in America
    Hospice nurses establish and maintain relationships with patients on the basis of respect for the rights and dignity of the individual.
  17. Religious Perspective of Death and Dying: George’s Case
    The presented case describes the dilemma facing George who has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and explores how his condition can be dealt with from different religious perspectives.
  18. Death from Christian and Buddist Perspectives
    This discussion examines the case of a patient with a terminal condition from two different religious perspectives: Christian and Buddhist.
  19. Kathe Kollwitz’s “Death and the Mother” Painting
    Because of the specific aesthetics and the incredible expressivity, every single piece of art by Kathe Kollwitz breaks the well-known idea about the impersonality of art.
  20. The Portrayal of Death in Lullabies
    Lullabies, being a relatively simple genre derived from folklore, do not elaborate much on various aspects of death.
  21. Death in “On My First Daughter” and “Mid-Term Break”
    In “On My First Daughter” by Ben Jonson and “Mid-Term Break” by Seamus Heaney, the attitude toward an inevitable death is sympathetic, with a significant amount of pain and sorrow.
  22. Approaches to Death, Their Types and Differences
    This paper discusses how do the biological, psychological, anthropological, philosophical, and sociological approaches to death differ.
  23. Death in Emily Dickinson’s Poems
    Death is a common theme in Dickinson’s poetry. The high rates of mortality due to disease and war during her time inherently welcomed such interest.
  24. Airline Liability for Passenger Injury or Death
    The selected legal topic for this discussion revolves around the issue of liability after the death or injury of passengers after air crashes.
  25. Near-Death Experiences and Explanatory Models
    The psyche’s deprivation and disintegration are frequently accompanied by reports about seeing a bright light: golden flashes of lightning or sunshine along with angels.

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  1. Death Before and After Urbanization
    The fact that people’s attitude towards dying varies among cultures and religions shows that it is not universal, and might depend on the way civilizations emerged and evolved.
  2. Near-Death Experiences and Life Understanding
    Learning from stories of those who have had near-death experiences might enhance one’s awareness of life, but it is essential to abide by scientific methodology.
  3. Emily Dickinson’s Reasons to Write About Death
    Death is one of the main and strongest reoccurring themes in Dickinson’s poetry that can be properly discussed through the events of the Civil War in the 19th century.
  4. Death Row Prisoners in the United States: Abolishing the Capital Punishment
    Although some people are opposed to the abolishment of this form of punishment, the level of civilisation in the country does not allow the state to decide on whether a person should live.
  5. Ethical Dilemma in Facing Death Situations
    The purpose of this essay is to answer the question: what is ethical in the situation where numerous people are facing death?
  6. Sikhism and Christianity: A View on Life and Death
    The purpose of this essay is to discuss the relationship between the two religious movements to the purpose of human life and the phenomenon of the afterlife.
  7. The Concept of Death in Perspectives of Christianity and Hinduism
    Each individual interprets and deals with such situations according to personal values. This perspective is often based on a system of beliefs such as a religion.
  8. The Concept of Death and Dying in Religions
    The worldview of each religion is the key to understanding the human essence, and holding this or that position allows differently assessing both earthly existence and life after death.
  9. Opioid Use Disorder and Death: Evidence Appraisal
    Overdose is now one of the leading causes of mortality by injury in the United States. It results in ten thousand of preventable deaths every year.
  10. Bereavement Loss and Death Practices Across Cultures
    Death refers to the permanent end of all processes that sustain life in a human being. Grief and mourning are major elements of death in all societies.
  11. Pronouncing a Brain-Dead Patient’s Death: Yusef Camp’s Case
    At the time of the situation, local legislation had no law to authorize death pronouncement based on brain criteria alone.
  12. Religion in Ceremony, Death Comes for the Archbishop, and Desert Solitaire
    The works Ceremony, Desert Solitaire, and Death Comes for the Archbishop also have religious motifs that are introduced to trace the role religion plays in persons’ lives and all changes they undergo in their life.
  13. Death & Dying Ethics in Christianity and Buddhism
    The paper will discuss the attitude toward the deliberate ending of life from the viewpoint of Christianity and Buddhism.
  14. Death & Dying Ethics in Hinduism and Christianity
    Death and dying are essential notions in belief systems. In some religions, death brings an end to a person’s existence, in others, the soul continues to exist in the afterlife.
  15. Death & Dying Ethics in Buddhism and Christianity
    The paper describes the ethical challenge the patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is facing and the best approaches to support him using religious values or ideas.
  16. Death Explanation in Christian Religion
    Human death has been explained in many different ways by the different religions existing in this global world.
  17. Fast Foods Lead to Fast Death: Informative Speech
    The fast-food industry has expanded at a rapid pace during the past half-century. The consequence has been the rapid expansion of the nation’s collective waistline.
  18. On the Death of Jesus in Early Christianity
    This writing reflects on the book ‘The Death of Jesus in Early Christianity’ by Carroll and Green and proposes a unique approach and interpretation of the primary text.
  19. Dying-Death and Loss-Grief in Different Cultures
    Culture is a product of evolution and human creativity; it comprises all aspects of human adjustment which include sets of ideals, beliefs, including the culture of death.
  20. Capital Punishment – Life or Death
    Punishment for crimes which are deemed cruel and unusual is forbidden by the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This amendment is often invoked when discussing the legal merits of the death penalty.
  21. The Soul Never Dies: John Donne’s “Death, Be Not Proud”
    Tis paper discusses the formal analysis of the sonnet, death as the central image embodies by multiple poetic means, and the paradox of the poem.
  22. Death and Dying: How We Die, Reflections on Life’s Final Chapter
    This paper was a brief examination of the book How We Die, Reflections on Life’s Final Chapter by Sherwin B. Nuland.
  23. TV and Newspaper Advertising Death
    This paper relates the key causes of the death of TV and newspaper advertising to various marketing concepts covered in high-level studies.
  24. Death Within Edgar Allan Poe’s Works
    Edgar Allan Poe was one of the authors who turned to the notion of death in his works: the most emotively it is expressed in Poe’s poems “The Raven”, “Lenore”, and “Annabel Lee”.
  25. Death Concept in “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” by Emily Dickenson
    The poem tells the story of a woman’s experience of death, but rather than being the horrifying thing most people imagine it to be, Dickinson’s portrayal of it is more peaceful.

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  1. “Organizational Change as a Process of Death, Dying, and Rebirth” by Zell
    “Organizational Change as a Process of Death, Dying, and Rebirth” by Zell, the author presents the results of study on the resistance to organizational change in professional bureaucracies.
  2. The Meaning of Death and a Person’s Attitude Towards It
    Living a life that has no regrets can help an individual reduce the impact of the fear of death. An individual should also focus on his or her own death so that he or she can live a fulfilling life.
  3. The History of Mongols, the Black Death
    Human society can be compared with a living organism that is the constant process of development. The currents that present special interest for the present work are the Mongols.
  4. Love and Death in Poetry by Emily Dickinson
    The main themes of Dickinson’s poetry were nature, death, love and Gospel the main points her manner of presentation and her inner state through.
  5. The Black Death Description and Analysis
    The book The Black Death by Philip Ziegler attempts to provide an account of the events followed by the arrival of the plague.
  6. Old Age and Death in Different Cultures
    Culture and age play a fundamental part in people’s attitudes to old age and death. Provide better care to people who are dying or experiencing the loss of a loved one.
  7. Arts and the Black Death
    In the mid-14th century, the Black Death plague swept across Europe, killing more than 40% of the population.
  8. Dealing With a Death of a Loved One
    In December 2003, Didion’s husband suffered a heart attack at the dinner table. They lived together for forty years. This terrible loss became a crucial moment in Didion’s life.
  9. Encountering the Landscapes of Life and Death: Literature Review
    This essay examines two stories – “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and “Death by Landscape” by Margaret Atwood.
  10. Stephen King’s 1408: The Image of Death in Contemporary Gothic Literature
    In this essay, the author describes Stephen King’s story “1408” and argues for signs of its relationship to contemporary Gothic literature.
  11. Brain Death, Consciousness, and Organ Transplantation Problem
    The articles reviewed in the paper touch upon the problem of dead/dying brain and the ethical question of organ transplantation from brain dead patients.
  12. Death in Poetry: the Analysis of Poems by E. Dickinson, J. Donne, and A. Sexton
    This essay will analyze poems by E. Dickinson, J. Donne, and A. Sexton and attempt to decipher the points of view presented in the poems.
  13. Death by Refusal of Treatment and Healthcare Directives
    End-of-life care decisions are a sensitive issue that requires careful handling and collaboration between patients, their families, and health care professionals.
  14. Attitude Towards Aging, Death, and Dying
    Both medicine and religion began to touch upon the topics of death and the possibility of eternal life, whether spiritual or physical.
  15. Disconnecting with the World and Other People after the Death of Close People
    The client is in the office due to the fact that he feels extremely disconnected with the world and other people after the death of his wife.
  16. Death With Dignity: Ethical Dilemma
    Brittany Maynard had an aggressive form of brain cancer, and to preserve her control over her life, she decided to move to the state that authorized the Death with Dignity Act.
  17. The Top Five Causes of Death in the US
    The five major causes of death in the United States encompass heart disease, cancer, unintentional injuries, chronic lower respiratory disease, and stroke and cerebrovascular diseases.
  18. Death in John Donne’s and Percy Shelley’s Sonnets
    Sonnets were written by John Donne and Percy Shelley picture concepts of death, life, and the afterlife in a contrasting manner.
  19. The Incident With Wolterman: The First Line-Of-Duty Death in the History of Hfd
    The incident with Wolterman appeared to be the first line-of-duty death in the history of HFD since 1971. Wolterman’s line-of-duty death is the most recent of them.
  20. Attitudes Toward Death: Thomas vs. Whitman
    In the paper, attention will be paid to the two poems written by different authors and in different centuries but united by a common theme and several strong literary devices.
  21. Death Sentencing and Its Various Statutes
    The paper recalls the historical background of the death penalty and lists the various statutes that provide for death sentencing in the United States.
  22. Christianity and Shintoism: Death and Dying
    Every religion has its peculiarities and customs that determine what life the followers of this religion lead. The focus of this paper will be Christianity and Shintoism.
  23. The Concept of Death and Dying
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the concept of death and dying, its key characteristics, impacts on individuals, family, and society, and related critical issues.
  24. Estimating the Time of Death: The Main Factors
    This paper describes how to determine the time of death of a person, the factors and signs of the causes of death, that can help in the investigation.
  25. Law and Medical Ethics: Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Death
    Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide are practices that occur in many countries. Some countries and states such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Oregon have made these practices legal.
  26. Prevalence and Death Rates of Asthma in Australia
    This paper will look at asthma in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians who have a high prevalence rate.

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  1. Beta-Agonist Use and Death From Asthma Relationship
    The major objective of the study is to establish, according to previous studies, the relationship between beta-agonist uses and death from asthma.
  2. Philosophy of Death and Dying
    Death has always been a significant theme of religious practices, philosophy, medicine, and art. They all turn to the specific features of the process of dying.
  3. Black Death Impact on the Direction of Western Civilization
    The Black Death was a catastrophic global Bubonic Pest outbreak in the mid-1300s that affected Europe and Asia.
  4. Exploring Death Anxiety Among Staff Who Work in Outpatient Hemodialysis Units
    This critique is based on the quantitative study by Lee and King “Exploring death anxiety and burnout among staff members who work in outpatient hemodialysis units”.
  5. Criminal Punishment, Inmates on Death Row, and Prison Educational Programs
    This paper will review the characteristics of inmates, including those facing death penalties and the benefits of educational programs for prisoners.
  6. Love, Life, Death, and God Concepts in Poetry
    The themes of love, life, death, and belief are commonly discussed in poetry, and people are free to expand their own opinions and judgments.
  7. Death and Dying: A Case Study
    In the case of George, the diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) means that he has a limited time to live and that his health is highly likely to deteriorate with time.
  8. The Death From Patriarchal Dependence
    Louise Mallard died of heart disease caused by years of suffering in marriage, lack of personal freedom, and a hazy future full of pretense and service to her husband.
  9. The Death of Mothers as Healthcare Challenge
    Mothers die because of the impossibility of obtaining qualified medical services. This fact can be taken as the major healthcare challenge which the modern world faces.
  10. People’s Attitude Towards Death
    Most philosophers agree that the fact of the inability to understand and experience life is the main evil that death brings.
  11. Philosophical Views on Death
    When death occurs, it becomes a sudden cancelation of all the imaginable and extensive goods that such a person could have experienced.
  12. Preventing Children’s Death in Nepal
    The paper gives a detailed analysis of the leading causes of death in children in Nepal and explains how this country has implemented evidence-based strategies to prevent.
  13. Haitian Cultural Considerations of Death
    This paper looks at the customs, attitude, and ideas that Haitians have concerning the concept of death and dying.
  14. Universal Determination of Death Act (UDDA)
    The Uniform Determination of Death Act (UDDA) is a draft state law provides a definition of death mainly for application in situations that require legal intervention.
  15. Funeral Ceremony: The Song of Death, the Hymn of Life
    In this paper, the ritual Gisaro performed by the Kaluli people of Papua New Guinea will be examined and related to the present context.
  16. Products Liability: SUV Wrongful Death Case
    The jury of a Florida court ordered Mitsubishi Motors Corp. to pay almost eleven million dollars ($) in wrongful death damages.
  17. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Health Promotion Plan
    This paper aims at developing a health promotion plan that investigates SIDS and related best health improvement practices.
  18. Healthcare Ethics: Physician-Assisted Death
    Physician-assisted death should be illegal since the goal of healthcare must be to maintain treatment that sustains life for patients, by seeking alternatives in palliative care.
  19. Defending a Foreign Citizen Facing the Death Sentence in the United States
    Although Mexico developed robust legal assistance to its citizens abroad, there were several death-sentence cases when U.S. authorities failed to inform Mexican defendants.
  20. A Good Death: Family Ritual of Death Anniversary
    Death anniversary is one of the everyday rituals that every family practices in memory of their departed relatives.
  21. Relationship Between Gender and Death Anxiety
    “Death Anxiety Among Elderly People” provides multiple insights into the relationship between death anxiety, spirituality, and gender among older patients in the Indian context.
  22. The Triumph of Death: A Prominent Theme in Gothic Literature
    The paper states that gothic fiction peers through humans’ gravest fears with surgical precision and terrifying brutality.
  23. Death Concept: Accepting Its Transformational Power
    Death is the end of earthly life, while one can still question if it is the real end. Depending on the attitude, the answer can be different.
  24. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Description
    Babies usually die quietly and without evidence of a struggle. SIDS’s diagnosis is set when the infant’s death cannot be explained.
  25. Deadly Deliveries: Insufficient Safety Practices & Maternal Death
    A short film Deadly Deliveries by Dufour and Gruber to support USA Today’s investigation into recent maternal death cases sheds light on the insufficiency of safety practices.
  26. Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Case Study
    The right thing to do is to resolve the issue by settlement out of the court. A payment is preferable to a trial if the insurance company is willing to pay the damage caused.

💡 Simple Death Essay Ideas

  1. An Overview of How Death Affects People in Different Ways
  2. Analysis of Religious and Non-religious Ideas About Death and the Afterlife
  3. Black Death and Its Effects on European and Asian Societies
  4. Cultural Characteristics That Influence the Attitude Towards Death
  5. Death and Funeral Services of the Haitian Culture
  6. Arguing for Quick Executions of Convicted Death Penalty Inmates
  7. Christianity and Life After Death
  8. Death and Its Personification in Greek Mythology and Other Cultures
  9. Birth, Death, and Dynamic Inefficiency in an Endogenous Growth Model
  10. Black Death: The Social and Economic Repercussions on Florence
  11. Between Life and Death, the Crucial Difference
  12. Life and Death Concepts as Perceived by Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle
  13. Individual Mortality and Macroeconomic Conditions From Birth to Death
  14. The Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Mesopotamian Practice and Beliefs on Death and the After Life
  15. Cultural Diversity: Racial Disparity in the Application of the Death Penalty
  16. The Effect of Death on the Perception of Reality
  17. American Ambivalence Regarding the Death Penalty
  18. Car Accidents Are the Main Source of Death for Young People
  19. Assisted Suicide and Death With Dignity
  20. Death and Afterlife Egyptian, History Other
  21. The Death and Dying Beliefs of Australian Aborigines
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