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Development of Hands-Free Set


Modern life is in constant change and every today is not similar to yesterday and to tomorrow. Everything, surrounding us, is changing in a blink of an eye. Our world is totally different from that one where our grandparents spent their youth. And it is sure to change greatly at the time of our children.

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The pace of life has changed dramatically, as has the space in which we now move. We also see more than did the people of previous cultures. Popular culture is about mass-produced images changing their forms in seconds, popping up as advertisements on the computer screen, elegantly laid out in photographs in trendy niche publications (Betts, 2004).

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Surely, every thing that is common and familiar to us is going to be changed in the nearest future. Contemporary society can’t imagine its existing without gadgets and technologies for communication, such as computers, pagers, internet and telephones. Can you imagine, that only a century and a half ago, when telephone was invented, it represented a strange big device, connection was terrible, people heard a lot of extra noises in their receivers and telephones used to be only on special telephone stations and post offices. People were scared of using this new invention and thought that it is really good to live without telephone. Telephones were connected by kilometers of cables enlacing the earth.

Contemporary world lives in more speedy motion than our nearest ancestors. We have to be always online and accessible to solve the majority of our problems. With the invention in 1976 of cellular phone, our life became fuller, more saturated. We can be easily accessed in every moment, only one touch to a button on our phones. But modern busy world demands that we perform several actions at the same time. And if our hands are busy with our cell phones, we cannot perform many other actions, for example, we cannot drive a car. But with the invention of hands-free set our lives became much easier. A small device in our ears and we can talk and do everything else we want. “These days many governments are making it mandatory to use a hands-free device if you want to talk on your cell phone while driving’ (Tompkins, n.d.).

Hands-free sets for cellular phones are used all over the world by any level of society. Young and old people, citizens of big cities and of small towns and villages, men and women, representatives of each race… Everyone can experience benefits of hands-free. “It’s hands free and therefore makes it easier for you to drive around and safer not just for you but also for your passengers and best of all it keeps you connected at all times” (Revill, n.d.).

Another benefit of Bluetooth hands free sets for people, especially for drivers, are hands free visors.

When watching at the legal benefits of the Bluetooth hands free visors, it is obvious that within areas where driving and talking on a mobile phone is illicit, such gadgets present a big benefit to possessors. Expressly, holders of said Bluetooth devices are capable to continue to use their phones when driving without lawful repercussions, with the ability to operate the mobile phone only with their voice. Doing so enables the user to keep on talks with friends and colleagues, as well as better pass time throughout long rush-hour traffic jams (McCathy, 2010).

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These devices can be used not only by drivers, but also by housewives, who are busy with cooking a dinner for their families, but they want to chat with their friends at the same. Such gadgets really make our lives easier and increase impact of technologies on our lives and relations.

But hands-free sets were created not only for drivers. Many people use hands-free sets as they are comfortable and make their lives easier. All these brand-new gadgets improve our lives, making it more comfortable, convenient, fast and moving forward.

Not so long ago in Japan scientists invented a pillow-phone:

The perCushion is a hi-tech pillow with integrated Bluetooth receiver and all the technology you need for conducting a call: buttons, LEDs, microphone and speakerphone. The perCushion is designed for talking while relaxing, as most of you know how uncomfortable is to use phone or even headset while in the bed (Rusev, 2007).

So you can relax and speak on the phone at the same. Isn’t it good? Well, technologies tend to penetrate in every side of our lives, enhancing them. Of course, such cushion is very comfortable; you may lay on your favorite bed or a sofa and speak with your friends.

Another hands-free phone gadget is trousers. Due to emancipation, both men and women wear them and why not improving them to easy the life?

Leather phone-trousers “preferred by thigh-slapping Bavarian dancers”, called Lederhosen in original (German). We are not sure if this one has GSM module or just Bluetooth hands-free but guess it is the second. The keys on the side of the leg and the microphone in the suspender straps allow you to talk, while doing your job, like drinking beer for example (Rusev, 2007).

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It is easily seen that technology is penetrating deeper and deeper in our private and social lives. “Take your time and go fast” (Betts, 2004) – these words can become a motto of contemporary life. Only a century and halve passed since the first call was made, and now the entire world are calling to each other, the whole world are online. Without a phone, you feel handless. Bluetooth hands free sets, using wireless technologies improve quality of mobile connection, distance of it and make our life more comfortable. A driver, a businessman, a disabled person, a teenager, a combine operator and many other people of different social level and occupations use hands free sets and they help them in their work.

A driver with a phone in his or her hands is a real danger on the road and in many countries you will have to pay fee for t, and hands0free is a real savior for you. And if you are cooking a pie, and you have your hands washed in flour, and you hear your phone ringing, would you be eager to miss the call? I believe, no. and visors will be really in help in this situation. Only your voice command and you can enjoy a nice talk with the person who calls you.

Gadgets penetrate everywhere and they are developing by leaps and bounds. Technology is an inherent part of our living. Our culture is based on technology. This technology and industrial boom which started a little bit more than a century ago, led us to unbelievable future. If looking at pictures in some science-fiction books of 1930s we can easily see that the overwhelming majority of fantastic gadgets already exist. And eighty years ago it was a fiction. Can you imagine how fast our culture, our technical culture is developing? And if it will keep this tendency, our world will be changing not once in generation, though once a decade or even faster.

Contemporary cultural environment is changing every moment. Every second some new gadget is invented and in several months we can buy it in stores. Technology is our life.

In this heavily traveled world, time seems to stand apart, divorced from any spatial consideration. The laptop and hand-held computer and the cell-phone have no fixed geography, no particular location. Nor do they require a panoply of support services in attendance. They are, quite literally, handy, making prestidigitation a matter of input, not trickery. Socially, these devices allow intimacy I the most public of places, the street, the airline check-in; and they even intrude into private places, the car and the dinner table. A call or and e-mail may be made or received from soccer stadium in France, an automobile leaving Los Angeles, a safari camp in Kenya. The individual, regardless of place, has become the mobile command center of a global network (Betts, 2004).

Mobility and on-line status are the key features of modern world and society. If you are offline – you are dead. If you are out of range – you are also dead. A lot of important events, deals and talks are held due to wireless connection throughout the world. Our parents, when they were children, couldn’t even imagine this. Even we, when in childhood, didn’t ever dare to dream to play on PC or to play online games in Internet. We couldn’t even imagine that we can easily call our friend in another country without discussing previously the time of the call.

Invention of telephone made our world a little bit more united, invention of cellular phone made our society mobile, available and easily accessible, and hands free sets make this mobility even more mobile. You can command using only your voice, without pressing buttons. You can even leave your phone at home and put on trousers with a phone in them and speak with your friends via them! And in future our society will be much more enlaced with the invisible traces of Bluetooth, 3G and other popular technologies that are used for communication.


Personal freedom in motion is very important nowadays. People want to be online wherever they are. And people want to be online whatever they do. Hands free sets with their wireless technology make it available for every person in the world.

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Our society is changing every day. A lot of rules and silent laws changed and we have to observe them. These changes happened under the impact of technologies. In future our society will use more and more technology in their lives. We can see this on our children who got used to mobile phones and computers since their early childhood. From social point of view it’s not so bad as this early addiction to technology can become a new push to researches in future of our society.

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