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Diversity in the World’s Top Companies

From my perspective, a diverse organization should go beyond the common definitions of diversity, broadening the workforce and ensuring that representatives of various social groups and capabilities are employed. In the current age, ensuring diversity in a workplace is a crucial concern for numerous companies, and organizational leaders are expected to value diversity as an essential factor in the working environment (Lussier & Hendon, 2020). According to Diversity Inc and Forbes, Hilton and Samsung group are the best employers in the year 2021. The Diversity Inc list identifies Hilton, Accenture, Eli Lilly and Co., Abbott, and MasterCard as the top five companies in 2021 (Diversity Inc, 2021). Meanwhile, Forbes suggests that Samsung Group, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple are the world’s best employers (Todd, 2021). It is essential to note that each mentioned enterprise considers diversity and inclusion a critical part of its organizational culture, issuing a diversity and inclusion statement that corroborates its views.

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The commitment to establishing a diverse and equal working atmosphere for all employees is a common feature of the top five corporations on diversity Inc and Forbes lists. For these companies, diversity is more than race and gender, as each firm’s understanding of diversity also spans education, professionalism, social background, and other factors essential for establishing a truly inclusive environment. In addition, these employers recognize that diversity is closely linked to innovation and can promote organizational growth when appropriately incorporated into the corporate culture.

However, an area of improvement for these corporations might be the introduction of particular initiatives that track the employees’ perceived level of diversity. Considering the workers’ concerns and consulting their opinions is imperative for creating an inclusive culture (Lussier & Hendon, 2020). As such, although IBM frequently conducts diversity surveys among employees, the executives from other organizations do not seem to track their workforce’s attitude towards the current level of inclusion. This initiative could be helpful not only for the mentioned enterprises but also for other companies aiming to establish a diverse workspace. Furthermore, such activities as diversity and inclusion meetings, additional opportunities for minorities, and psychological support could be implemented by other employers worldwide to benefit the working community and promote the creation of a diverse atmosphere.


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