Diversity Recruiting Materials: Online Analysis


The paper presents the results of the top companies’ websites analysis based on the questions formulated by Canas and Sondak (2014). The focus of the analysis is on discussing the companies’ commitment to diversity, as it is represented on the website.

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For many American companies, the promotion of diversity became a priority in the recruitment process to address customers’ and employees’ needs. These companies present much information on diversity and inclusion on their websites (Knouse, 2009, p. 348). Nielsen and Time Warner are companies listed in the Top 50 Companies for Diversity. AT&T and Verizon are companies listed in the Fortune 500. This paper aims to analyze how these companies promote their commitment to diversity with the focus on their websites and compare the approaches for these four companies.

Guided Analysis of Websites

Canas and Sondak (2014) presented a list of helpful questions to analyze the degree to which companies can promote their diversity and inclusion visions successfully. The questions provide certain criteria for the website analysis: annual diversity reports, diversity statements and types of diversity, diversity videos and images, and information on diversity news and awards (Canas & Sondak, 2014, p. 297). These questions are important to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the discussed companies’ websites.

Comparison of Websites’ Strengths and Weaknesses

Nielsen’s website reflects the high level of the company’s commitment to diversity. There are clear diversity statements; the commitment to diversity of both consumers and employees is accentuated; the work of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) is discussed; the news on diversity are searchable. The website is strong because its list of awards includes mentioning the DiversityInc Top 50, and there are also supplier diversity reports (Nielsen, 2015). In spite of the fact that there are many diverse images, diversity-related videos are not presented, and it is a weakness of the website.

Time Warner’s website also represents a high commitment to diversity. There are many images and videos on diverse team building and annual reports on diversity and inclusion. ERGs and employee networks are discussed in detail (Time Warner, 2015). One more important strength is that supplier, employee, and customer diversities are distinguished. Recruiting practices for diverse employees are mentioned. The weakness is in the absence of easily accessible information on diverse news and awards.

AT&T is one of the Fortune 500 companies promoting diversity. The company’s website includes information on supplier and employee diversity, workforce inclusion, ERGs, and conferences. Videos and images represent the CEO’s attitude to diversity in the company, as well as reported commitment statements (AT&T, 2015). There is also much information on diversity news and awards, including Top 50 Companies for Diversity, Top 10 Companies for Supplier Diversity, and Top 10 Companies for Recruitment. The only weakness is that reports on diversity are not accessible easily.

The website of Verizon is most effective because it provides clear diversity statements and many videos and images representing HR managers discussing inclusion practices. Strategies for promoting diversity are formulated effectively. The focus is on customer and supplier diversity. Reports with diversity statistics and statements are available. News on diversity is numerous, and there is a long list of diversity awards (Verizon, 2015). It is possible to state that the website has no weaknesses in terms of representing diversity commitment.

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Having compared the companies, it is important to state that the Fortune 500 companies are inclined to describe their diversity goals more clearly, providing many images and videos to support their visions. There are many news and information on diversity awards to support their image and reputation of leading companies, including the sphere of diversity and inclusion. The important information on diversity is easily accessible to stakeholders. Although such companies as Nielsen and Time Warner provide diversity reports, they present limited news or information on changes in diversity areas and awards to inform stakeholders about their progress and commitment.


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