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Donald Trump’s Rise, Its Causes and Effects


Donald Trump is currently the 45th president of the United States. It is without doubt that many global citizens are appalled and shocked by this unimaginable fact. Trump managed to fight every kind of establishment and opposition that stood on his way (Martinelli 12). Some scholars have argued that the rise of Donald Trump can be attributed to the wishes and imaginations of many Republican supporters in the country. A balanced analysis of the situation experienced in the country prior to the 2016 election can reveal a number of forces that must have led to the rise of Donald Trump.

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The Rise of Donald Trump: Causes and Effects

The rise of Ronald Reagan can be used to describe the major factors that are believed to have led to Trump’s presidency. To begin with, Reagan’s celebrity status and optimistic approach to the issues affecting the United States towards the last quarter of the 20th century catapulted him to the highest position in the nation. During the time, many people embraced Reagan’s approach and analysis of national security. It is agreeable that unemployment in the country under Gerald Ford stood at 9 percent (Cain par. 3). The economic growth recorded in the country especially after the end of the Second World War had slowed down significantly. Many employees working in different organizations were grappling with the economic issues experienced in the nation. At the same time, the political establishment mainly focused on the rights of minority groups and women (Martinelli 19).

Experts and economic analysts have argued that the events of the 1970s are similar to the ones experienced in the country within the past six years (Martinelli 39). It is agreeable that ordinary citizens in the country have been suffering. This is the case because the wages for many people including the middle class have been declining. Jobs have been lost due to the increasing number and immigrants and off-shoring practices. These developments have made it impossible for more American citizens to lead decent lifestyles (Cain par. 5). Martinelli goes further to indicate that Obama’s presidency was unable “to deal with the soaring stock market” (49).

The preexisting conditions in the United States were making it impossible for many people to realize their goals. It was also quite clear that a small percentage of the population was able to earn more money and become rich (Martinelli 32). These issues were affecting the welfare of many American citizens. It was therefore the appropriate time for Trump’s supporters to respond harshly to such unfair situations.

The elites in the United States can be blamed for the problems that have ravaged the country for the last decade. These wealthy Americans have been using their corporations to suppress the middle-class. This goal has been achieved through continuous suppression of wages, elimination of pensions, and prevention of labor unions. Off-shoring also explains how jobs have been transferred to different countries in the developing world. The elites have been focusing on the most appropriate strategies to minimize expenses and labor costs (Martinelli 83). More corporate shareholders have been benefiting from these implementations. Unfortunately, this kind of achievement has occurred at the expense of many American laborers.

From the very beginning, the legislators and politicians failed to implement adequate laws in an attempt to support the needs of more American citizens (Cain par. 4). Their failure to intervene and present powerful laws capable of protecting the needs of the working class led to the rise of Trump. More people were finding it hard to pursue their goals.

The above analysis shows clearly that the Trump phenomenon was a timely reaction against the challenges that have been facing many American workers for decades. Trump is the president of the United States because many Americans who had become disillusioned and distressed (Cain par. 4). The voters were willing to get rid of an establishment that was no longer addressing their needs.

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Additionally, Trump promised to tackle the real challenges that were affecting the future of the nation. Obama’s political party had failed to address issues such as terrorism, immigration, and national security. Consequently, the establishment had triggered economic injustices and inequalities in the United States. Trump’s presidency can therefore be described as an alternative to a system that had failed to address the needs of the country’s middle class (Cain par. 3). That being the case, the far-reaching effects of Trump’s presidency will be expected to last for the next few decades.


The current situation is a clear indication that the United States is in need of egalitarian policymakers and politicians who are able to support the needs of many citizens. These politicians will be expected to tax the elites, minimize the powers of American corporations, and reject every aspect of corporate bribery. When American politicians embrace these measures, it will be easier to support a wide range of societal functions and eventually make the country a better place for every citizen (Cain par. 9). If these measures are ignored, the future will definitely be gloomy for more people than ever before.

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