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Trump: Elections and Presidency

From the beginning of his political actions, Donald Trump made a considerable impression on the audience. People were interested in him, although many were also wary. This politician tried to stand by his opinion, even though it was often unusual and revolutionary. This allowed him to win over audiences and bring significant political change to the country. People will not forget about his governance any time soon because he was indeed a bright and interesting politician. The purpose of the paper is to describe the process of Trump’s election and governance, as well as his defeat in the current election.

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Like his personality itself, Donald Trump’s election campaign is atypical for the election campaign of an average politician during the presidential election. The processes that took place during the 2016 election race in the United States should be presented as fanning a set of maximum possible scandals. However, instead of burying the political career of such an unusual contender for the presidency, they allowed him to take the presidency. In many ways, Trump’s image is built on counterculture and opposition to other candidates. The demeanor, provocative statements, the use of impartial, and sometimes openly rude language are not typical of a candidate running in the presidential election. This corresponds to the type of radical leader committed to means that give instant results (Strang 85). An essential feature of his election strategy was that the politician repeatedly emphasized his closeness with the people, declaring that he sees all the same problems as ordinary citizens.

Time has shown that Trump’s presidential campaign has been effective. The first sign of his strategy’s success at the beginning of the election race was that he was the only candidate all respondents recognized. His primary goal during the campaign period has determined his dominance in the media space. He managed to find a response in the soul of the average American. During the election campaign, Trump criticized opponents, forcing people to react more sharply to negative information and fixing it in memory.

The President knew his audience well and worked purposefully with its problems. During the campaign period, an average Trump supporter is a white male in his 50s with an income of less than $50,000 a year, that is, less than the average annual income of a US resident, conservative (Strang 99). Such a person is most interested in the topics of immigration, health care, economics (or the standard of living in general), and the level of income in particular. In addition, Trump tried to make speech and information as simple as possible. It helped people to understand him much better and listen to him without trying to get the point of his speech.

During the campaign period and after becoming President, Trump was characterized by the loudest and harshest statements that offered radical solutions to problems. Trump portrays his proposals as bold and uncompromising that anyone else would be even afraid to voice. For example, Trump has argued that he plans to stop the flow of Hispanics by building a wall on the border with Mexico at the expense of the latter. The politician also found a non-standard way to make his southern neighbors fulfill such categorical demands. In the event of a boycott of the ultimatum, he suggested a government ban on money transfers for Mexicans working in the United States. The statement was loud, harsh, and slightly naive, but that is why it is easy to remember, which was required at that moment. Trump’s stance on health care has also been intransigent. The politician said that in the event of being elected President, he intended to find an alternative solution instead of the current one, less burdensome financially for both citizens and the state. As an opponent of the current US president, Trump showed a determination to act in regular people’s interests.

Even a cursory analysis of Trump’s presidential campaign shows that his strategy has been paradoxically successful and made him get a considerable amount of followers. The tactics of regularly provoking scandals facilitated this. Their consequence is invariably attracting public attention and fixing an easily recognizable image in a potential target audience’s minds. Deliberate simplicity of speech and sonority of slogans; purposeful actions aimed at destroying the opponent’s image; excellent knowledge of American legislation – these are the components of Trump’s success and effectiveness.

During the 2020 elections, Donald Trump failed to extend his stay in the White House for another four years. However, he leaves his legacy to the Republicans – “Trumpism.” This political trend began to actively develop during the Trump presidency. It represents a proclamation of human freedom and the highest level of patriotism. In addition, Trumpism implies active interaction of the president with acceptable representatives of other countries. However, this interaction is usually aimed at obtaining benefits for America, in addition, the president’s actions are often harsh and unpredictable. Now, despite the victory of the Democratic candidate, this ideology is deeply rooted in the country. Trump was defeated, but apparently, not everyone will regret it in political and intellectual circles. Even Trump’s supporters found it difficult to accept him due to his foreign policy’s unpredictability and chaos. The current attempt to sow institutional chaos will not improve this image.

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Despite his defeat in 2020, Trump cannot be called rejected: Trumpism is not dead. Even as a difficult person to perceive, he resonated with some Americans. The outgoing President succeeded in 2016 to become the personification of protest for those left alone with their economic and social problems. People, usually with modest incomes, residents of the American hinterland, consisting mainly of rural or de-industrialized states, formed an electoral corps, ready to fight for Trump’s victory. It can be stated that this electorate has now even increased and brought the Republican candidate an additional million votes.

However, this time he was unable to overcome the competitor and convince the majority of the country’s population of the need for his presidency. Last time one of the reasons for his victory was his singularity, brightness of performances, and freshness of views. Probably, in the four years of his governance, people got tired of such positioning. They favored an experienced and professional candidate who showed a willingness to take on more structured work. In addition, his views were more in tune with the current mood in the country. Despite this, Trump received a significant amount of votes and even refused to admit his defeat.

Donald Trump’s election campaigns and his presidency have undoubtedly left a bright mark on America’s history. He became one of the most unusual and even revolutionary personalities among other US presidents. Citizens could not be indifferent to him: they either love him or hate him. Even if he made mistakes in his government, he positively impacted various processes taking place in the country. Future presidents must not close their eyes to this progress and continue to support it. In this case, the continuity will be noticeable, and the country will move towards prosperity much more efficiently.

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