DREAM Act Benefits

The DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) is American legislation that gives youths whose parents do not have proper documentation of the opportunity to complete their studies. Also, the legislation creates a pathway for the youths to obtain citizenship. However, the applicants must adhere to several guidelines before they become eligible for the benefits of the legislation.

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The applicant must have “lived in the US for at least five years prior to the enactment of the bill” (Bruno 4). In addition, applicants must have entered the US before they reached the age of 16 years. The applicant must also be morally upright. Finally, the applicant must have obtained a high school diploma, or be enrolled in a college or other institution of higher learning (Preston para 13). The DREAM Act has prevented the deportation of hundreds of thousands of youths. It allows the youths to complete their education and start contributing towards economic development.

Youths are victims of illegal immigration. Therefore, it would be wrong to punish them due to the mistakes of their parents or guardians. It is vital for the government to nurture the youths to enable them to achieve their dreams. The youths should have access to various social services that would enable them to achieve their dreams (Trigg 69). Education is one of the major factors that would make the youths achieve their dreams. Therefore, no government should deny the youth the right to education. This is because it is not their fault that their parents are aliens.

The DREAM Act requires youths whose parents do not have proper documentation to spend two years in the military to obtain a temporary residence of six years (VanderMey et al. 225). Therefore, the DREAM Act would increase the recruiting pool of the US military. This would enable the military to get highly competent individuals. Also, it would help in increasing the readiness of the military. Therefore, the DREAM Act may help in increasing the capabilities of the US military.

The DREAM Act will have huge economic benefits for America. The act would enable students to complete their education. This would enable the students to get high paying jobs. However, if the government does not allow the youths to complete their education, the youths would get employment in low paying jobs (Trigg 69). In the long term, the economic benefits of allowing youths to finish their education would outweigh the financial burden that youths place on the government. Also, increased knowledge would increase America’s competitiveness in the global economy.

The DREAM Act requires applicants to be morally upright to be eligible for its privileges. Youths pose very little threat to American national security. Therefore, the act would enable law enforcement agencies to focus their attention on people who pose a threat to American national security (White House 1). This would increase the efficiency of law enforcement agencies.

The DREAM Act would enable youths to complete their education. This would help them become responsible citizens who contribute towards nation-building. In the short term, the DREAM Act may seem expensive. However, the DREAM Act would enable the government to reap huge economic benefits due to the education of the youths.

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