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  1. Customs and Courtesies in the Military: Survey Feedback
    Use of survey feedback as a means of improving safety culture and consciousness in the U. S. army has increased staff awareness of safety and risks while on and off-duty.
  2. Political Issues: The United States Military
    The military has one of the most advanced technologies in the world, as soldiers have to face the harshest conditions in their service and general life.
  3. Military Medical Assets Usage
    In case of an emergency, not only the ability of the military services to locate and utilize the required sources, but also the capability of the military people to cooperate.
  4. Military Bases on Okinawa: Impact on Economy
    The American military based on the territory of Japan, Okinawa in particular, has a certain impact on the country’s economic and political relations.
  5. Automated vs. Military Pitot Static Tester
    The report proposes that the Military Pitot Static Model is much better than the 6300 model. However, diligence should be observed depending on the aircraft that is being tested.
  6. When Is the Use of Military Force Justified?
    Current justification of the use of military force is quite reasonable, but it is still far too loose for being used only in the instances that cannot be addressed with the help of diplomacy.
  7. Stealth Aircraft Support in the United States Military
    This paper will argue that maintaining an edge on military technology and the air force is crucial for the US by giving reasons why it is important for the US military to have stealth aircrafts.
  8. Military Policy that Should Be Changed
    The military is a secret organization that does not disclose its activities to the public, mainly because of the strict rules and regulations. Some of how things are conducted ought to be changed.
  9. Justification for the Use of Military Force
    Military intervention was a feasible alternative for averting external aggression in the past, and it is still the most viable option for fighting global terrorism.
  10. Military Spending by the Government of the United States
    The US federal government allocates excess resources to its military, and some money could assist in other areas of the economy.
  11. Napoleon’s Achievements and Military Campaigns
    Napoleon was one of the greatest men in the history of humanity. Being a brilliant commander, he managed to win a number of significant battles and create new efficient strategies.
  12. The Role of Soft Skills in Military Operations
    Soft skills are built upon hard skills but include communication skills and sociocultural competence necessitated by the nature of military operations.
  13. The Great Depression and Military Spending
    The Great Depression had a devastating impact on the US economy. But military spending could be consider the main tool of it ended and promoting the growth of the industrial sector.
  14. Stress in the Military
    A study conducted by the Careercast.com in 2013 indicated that the military working environment was characterized by numerous stressors.
  15. Bereaved Military Children: Group Intervention
    Bereavement is one of the most stressful events, and it is closely linked to anxiety, depression, fear, aggressiveness, and regression.
  16. Discipline Implementation in Military Environment
    The state of the army leaves much to be desired regarding the discipline levels and the allocation of the army resources. Immediate actions should be taken to handle the problem.
  17. Military on the US Southern Border
    Even serving at the southern border, the military will not be able to serve all issues associated with the case of Mexico.
  18. Military Personnel and Psychological Risks
    Researchers have discovered that the sense of loneliness is one of the risk factors that potentially cause various mental disorders among active-duty soldiers.
  19. Training and Development in Military Units
    This discussion examines how powerful training and development programs focusing on the use of technological apps can improve the efficiency of a military organization or unit.
  20. Military Treatment, Success, and Diverse Groups
    This paper highlights the correlation between the integration of the micro and macro-sociological theories and the successful treatment of diverse groups.
  21. American Military Approaches in the East
    This work discusses questions related to the Korean War, US military approaches in Vietnam, Vietnamization, the Arab-Israeli war, and the American way of war.
  22. WWI and Interwar Military Innovations
    WWI triggered the development of an array of interwar military innovations. Today specialization is common in contemporary military forces.
  23. The Massive Military’s Layoff of the Obama Administration
    This paper discusses the massive layoff within the military during the Obama administration using the four-frame model.
  24. Military Veterans’ Mental Health Needs
    The topic of the study concerns the mental health needs of veterans who suffer different types of disorders as the result of their military service.

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  1. The King Fahd Military Medical Complex: Patient Improvement
    This report discusses decrease length of stay and improve patient workflow at the King Fahd Military Medical Complex’s accident and emergency department.
  2. Strategic Thinking and Military Lessons
    Strategic thinking enables a person to reach levels that one could have otherwise not reached if they were to work in a conventional manner.
  3. Military Organization: Leveraging Human Capital
    The discussion outlines various approaches that can be used in the targeted military organization to leverage human capital.
  4. Management Styles in the Military Field
    Organizations want to outperform their competitors and choose management styles that fit their organizational and market realities.
  5. Asian International Politics and Military Conflicts
    The Cold War mentality of Japan was that of strengthening ties with Western powers to contain other Asian emerging powers.
  6. American Military Management Systems Assessment
    Adequate assessment of sources of potential threats can increase national safety with regard to numerous messages that are used by terrorists.
  7. Military Human Resource Professionals: Activities Optimization
    Civilian and military managers are the members of the team that is responsible for appropriate and effective services offered to people who are engaged in military life.
  8. The Level of Military Service Organization in the US
    The paper analysis the idea to optimize the core activities of military HR professionals to the level that is demonstrated by the representatives from the Department of Defense (DOD).
  9. Military Social Worker’s Qualities and Skills
    This essay describes personal and leadership qualities that need to have in the perfect candidate for being a military social worker.
  10. Military Commissions and Terrorism Prevention
    The measures aimed at reducing the spread of international terrorism should align with international laws. The legal authority of military commissions should be discussed.
  11. United States Military Veteran Suicides and Causes
    Researchers have not agreed on the exact causes of suicide cases in the US military. Initially, it was assumed that deployment was a risk factor for this behavior.
  12. Fire Support Planning in Military
    Fire support planning is an efficient practice aimed at improved cooperation and coordination between all fire teams.
  13. Sexual Harassment and Assault in the Military
    The marines are extremely negatively disposed towards the presence of female soldiers in their combat formations.
  14. Alexander the Great as a Military General
    Whereas some sources claim that Alexander’s military tactics borrowed heavily from those of his father, Philip II of Macedonia, there are critics who believe that they did not.
  15. Unity of Command in Military Operation Anaconda
    The major purpose of the unity of command is to arrange the effective operation of various forces under the authority of a single commander.
  16. When Military Force Is Justified
    The use of military force should be the last option after all other dispute resolution mechanisms have failed. This paper discusses cases where military force is justified.
  17. Technology Influences That Affect the Military
    This work is aimed at identifying significant factors that influence the activities of the military and modern national security standards.
  18. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Military Veterans
    Both in the military and civilian life, people encounter traumatic occurrences that challenge their perception of the world or themselves.
  19. Social Adaptation of Former Military Members
    Social adaptation to civilian life of former members of the military is a unique and significant area of inquiry.
  20. Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life
    People who have participated in a war, killed someone, or became injured due to others’ actions take much time to recover.
  21. Transforming Military Logistic Systems in the Department of Defense
    Technology has indeed helped resolve some of the world’s greatest challenges. For this reason, it is viable to argue that tech can be used to solve challenges faced within supply chain management.
  22. Positive Psychology for Military Leadership
    Leadership in the military is a complex task given the adverse working environment of officers especially during and after deployment.
  23. Military Drones: Innovation Project
    Unmanned aerial vehicles have revolutionized modern-day wars and the approach that is used to collect data, especially in locations deemed unsafe for military personnel.
  24. Military Transition to Civilian Life
    As the target audience for this study, first-generation Latinos are involved, who have completed military service and moved on to civilian life.

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  1. Generation Kill: Stanley McChrystal’s Military Approach
    McChrystal reorganized the approach American Special Forces took towards operations. Some people praise his achievements in creating a superior precision killing machine.
  2. Immediate Troop-Withdrawal Plan: Withdrawal of the American Military Forces From Iraq
    There was increased debate on whether to withdraw the American Military forces from Iraq since they were the once who were behind the war that was in Iraq that lasted for a period of five years.
  3. To Have or Not to Have a Military Draft
    To have or not to have a military draft is a debate that has sparked many views nationwide. America has not had a military draft since 1973.
  4. US Military Overseas Commitments
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a military alliance which was formed by the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty in the year 1949.
  5. Military Forces in the Twenty-First Century
    This essay aims to show that in the twenty-first century the military forces will be directed more toward peace and security maintenance issues around the world.
  6. Article 86 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice
    For applying the provisions of Article 86 there must be proof that the accused had actual knowledge of the time and place where he was required to be present.
  7. Hiring Prior Military for a Job
    An increasing number of the citizen-soldier population gives the Government few reasons to provide such people with guarantees of their employment.
  8. American Public Attitudes to Overseas Military Deployment
    This essay will discuss the role of the increased media coverage in the shaping of the attitudes of Americans towards military activity abroad.
  9. Homeland Security: The Role of the US Military
    Increased military involvement in homeland security better prepares the country for multiple disasters as it expands its capacity.
  10. Gays in the Military: Current Situation and Problems
    While much effort is being put in to allow the marriage of persons of the same sex, this has not affected the military, since homosexuals are barred from taking up in the military.
  11. EU Requirement of Common Foreign and Military Policy
    This paper discusses the need for a common foreign and military policy for the EU. The European Union is at the forefront in asserting itself to play a role in world affairs.
  12. Critical Decisions Making: Get Out of the Military
    This analysis will help me get the best out of the decision by avoiding the various biases to come to a better decision.
  13. Military Service: The Obligation of the American Citizens
    Joining the military is associated with various benefits. It is a good opportunity for one to realize their patriotism in addition to educational standards.
  14. Military Leadership Characteristics in U.S.A
    The army of the United States has professional military ethics, which states that a military leader should be loyal to his or her nation and unit.
  15. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Gays in the Us Military
    Homosexuals in the military have always had to hide their sexual orientation to prevent discrimination, incrimination, or even discharge from service.
  16. Religious Studies and Theology: Paganism in the Military
    Paganism has spread far and wide in society. From academia to the military, the practice of paganism is being accepted and accommodated just like other religions.
  17. The Children Use in Military Activities
    The issue of children serving as soldiers in military conflicts is sensitive indeed. The increasing use of children in military conflicts has grown and threatens the social fibre.
  18. Involuntary Discharged Military Personnel Transitioning into Civilian Workforce
    Most of the findings of many researchers have focused on veterans and former employees who exited the profession voluntarily.
  19. American-Japanese Military and Race Conflicts in the Book “War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War”
    The issues of prejudice, tunnel vision and inability to see the situation from all sides are described in the present book.
  20. Mental Health Conditions Among Military Veterans
    The research will analyze whether the incidence of symptoms and their link to individuals’ experiences relate to their military service
  21. Military Conflict and Involvement Consequences
    Humanity entered the era of humanism, characterized by the great attention to human rights, the man in the whole, and by the constant wars and military conflicts.
  22. Egyptian Military Potential Analysis
    The Egyptian military potential is large compared to many other countries. The country is highly equipped with heavy ground and air techniques.
  23. Diversity in the Military
    The purpose of this article is to explore the concept of human diversity and its usefulness in a military context.

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  1. Correlation Between Military Leaders and Cultural Diversity
    The article discusses the need for modern military personnel to be trained as leaders, free from cultural bias in their views and actions.
  2. Mental Health Stigma for Military Man and Civilians
    This source will contribute to my research regarding comparing the mental disorder stigma among civilians and military veterans.
  3. The President’s and Congress’s Powers Regarding Using Military Forces
    The powers of the US President consist of the powers admitted by Article II of the US Constitution, powers accepted by Acts of Congress, and, besides, there is soft power.
  4. The History of Women in the United States Military
    The increase of the part of women in the military of USA is not steady but concurs with the periods of wars when they could prove the irreplaceability of their skills.
  5. The Foundation of Army Leadership and Military Training
    One of the aims of military leadership is to prepare soldiers for the defensive mission. Army leaders provide direction and set goals for the subordinates to achieve successfully.
  6. Political Science: Human Security & Revolution-in-Military-Affairs
    The major susceptibilities and challenges include protracted violence and political conflicts, diseases, epidemics, natural calamities, economic crises and ethnic violence.
  7. Belize’s Military Capability
    Belize’s military potential is limited to border protection with minimal assault capabilities. The major factor disrupting stable affairs is its dispute with Guatemala.
  8. Power, Influence, and Communications Within a Military Setting
    There are five primary types of power that can be exercised to gain influence over others, they include coercive, reward, legitimate, expert, and referent power.
  9. Military Diversity: US Army
    The article focuses on the need and benefits of ensuring cultural and racial diversity, as well as gender balance in the US military.
  10. Shooting at Military Recruiting Center: Identification, Description, Historical Background
    The attack occurred at Chattanooga, when a 24-year old Kuwaiti gunman stormed a military recruiting station and opened fire to trainees.
  11. The Counterterrorism Tasks by the Military and Government
    The US government works with other governments to fight against terrorism. Efforts are made to discourage and anticipate attacks by apprehending the individuals.
  12. Reason for the Roman Military’s Success
    This essay will argue that the main reason for the Roman military success was not only strong discipline and hard training but also a careful selection of recruit.
  13. Internet-of-Things in the Military and Its Feasibility
    This paper provides an analysis of the Internet of Military Things functions and a description of its feasibility in the future and its associated costs.
  14. Combat to Corporate: Military Traits in Business
    The investigation aims to determine what military traits are most likely to be incorporated into a business sphere and how they can benefit it.
  15. Military Leadership Traits Migration into Business
    Recently, society has been observing military people’s tendency to transition into entrepreneurs, and this phenomenon becomes increasingly popular annually.
  16. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Military
    Militants experience a significant number of traumatic events that subject them to PTSD. The culture of the military plays a significant role in promoting veteran mental wellness.
  17. Military Leadership: Combat Bunker to the Corporate Boardroom
    The research on the topic of leadership management is substantial, filled with primary and secondary sources covering the various aspects of theoretical and practical discussions.
  18. Sexual Harassment in the U.S. Military: Addressing the Issue
    This essay will address sexual assaults in the U.S. military, examine possible causes, and acknowledge possible solutions.
  19. Cognitive Behavior Theory for Military Veteran
    Cognitive behavior theory is based on the idea that an individual is able to alter their behavior by interfering with their thought patterns.
  20. Combat to Corporate: Migrating from Military Leadership to Business
    Military leadership and civilian business leadership rely on overlapping sets of leadership skills and personal traits.
  21. Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory in Regard to Military Veterans With PTSD
    To sum up, if the experiment proves reliable and valid, the application for those who have PTSD may be improved or facilitated for everyday use.
  22. Analysis of LGBT Integration in Military
    The study examines integrating LGBT people into the army and identified the main points that influenced the formation of acceptance of gays, lesbians, and transsexuals.
  23. Transition from Military Service to Entrepreneurship
    Identifying the positive and negative traits acquired during military service is an essential aspect of studying the success of veterans in entrepreneurship.
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