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Economic Crisis and Its Implications in Various Areas

The Political Geography of Gasoline Prices

As part of the wider economic analysis, this article explores the impacts of rising fuel prices on people’s voting behavior and trends. We cannot ignore the emerging trends from fuel consumption even if the influences might be weak. According to the author, gas prices tend to remain stable or lower in the Republican states. The prices are high in the states known to vote for the Democrats. This is also the case for states known as ‘swing’ states (Appelbaum 1). The rate of fuel consumption is high in Republican states due to higher capita spending on the commodity.

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From the economic analysis, the article seeks to explore how the Republicans spend their incomes on fuel. The author has brought a new connection between fuel consumption and election decisions in the United States. The analysis underscores the issue of skepticism especially with the upcoming election (Appelbaum 2). The politician should consider the geography of these prices carefully in order to succeed the heat. This is because gas prices have a unique influence on people’s voting behaviors.

The Conscience of a Liberal: Economics in the Crisis

The author begins by stating that we are currently facing an economic crisis. Although many people may not acknowledge this fact, the author calls other economists to explore the nature of the crisis and its effects on different aspects of the economy. The inadequacy of policies in our world is what affects the economy. Economists should be bothered by these policies and suggest the best approaches to promote economic analyses (Krugman 2). This is the best solution to deal with economic crisis as faced in different parts of the world. Economists pursue economic analyses during the times of economic crisis. This is dangerous because mistakes in analyzing the economy happen during the time of economic crisis.

Economists should examine the economy constant through micro-economic theories. This will help to project current economic trends and warn investors and banking industries of a potential economic crisis before it affects the economy. Economists are required to assess the impacts of these changes and the effect on the economy (Krugman 1). We need to consider economists as important individuals who can offer resourceful information and ideas to deal with crises. The field of economics is worth and utilizable to address possible crises in the economy.

Where the Hiring Is Strongest

This article analyses the hiring rates in the country after the end of the economic crisis two years ago. The author notes that hiring started to improve and stabilize towards the end of 2011. However, the interesting thing is that there are different cities where job creation appears strongest. To explain the findings, Motoko (1) explains the results by Gallup to explore how Oklahoma is the leading city in the United States in job creation. The statistics also indicated that majority of the employers were recruiting new workers. As well, a minimal number of employees were losing their jobs in Oklahoma.

According to the findings, Memphis and San Antonio were the cities showing the highest number of hiring in terms of proportion. The author also states that there is reduced job creation rate in the major cities such as Sam Bernardino and New York (Motoko 1). This was also the same trend for the metropolitan area. In the wake of the recession period, the article explores the issue of employment and job creation as an important tool to measure the level of economic recovery in different states or regions. The author also states that the current statistics show a stagnant economic growth in the major cities in the United States.

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