Education: Common Core Policy and Its Inefficiency


The Common Core Policy has lost support from educators as well as parents and students soon after its implementation. The standards developed to turn out to be rather complicated, outdated, and too straightforward. The Common Core policy has far too many downsides that affect students, educators, and parents.

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The Common Core Policy was implemented in 2010 to ensure that American students are “being taught and assessed on what they are expected to learn and know” (Standards alignment, 2015). The policy involves the implementation of a set of standards students at different levels should comply with (New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards, 2015). It is noteworthy that the standards are manifold as the students should not only provide a particular answer, but they should also use particular strategies.

Forty-two states including New York adopted the norms. Supporters of the policy claim that standards enable students to reach certain aims and get ready for further studies at college and university (Decker, 2015). However, recently many states (including New York) have started developing new policies as major stakeholders found the Common Core inefficient and even threatening the entire process of teaching and learning.

The Inefficiency of the Policy

It is necessary to note that the Common Core is now criticized by the major stakeholders who stress that the standards are too strict. People claim that the Common Core that was developed to change the old practice only slightly differs from it. Many students develop some aversion to subjects as they cannot meet the requirements (Ellenberg, 2015). More so, instead of teaching the subject and opening new horizons for students, teachers often tend to focus on making students ready for the tests.

This negatively affects the teaching and learning process. Furthermore, major stakeholders (educators, students, and parents) argue that the standards are too demanding as students (especially elementary school students) have to complete overcomplicated tasks. Elementary students have to learn things that used to be taught in secondary school several years ago (Decker, 2015). They also have to learn more things within a shorter period.

This load seems inadequate to many. Notably, parents often have to spend hours doing those complicated tasks and helping their children to handle them (Strauss, 2014). It is necessary to add that supporters of the Common Core have developed several resources that help educators to handle the arising challenges (Allen & Le, 2014). Nevertheless, those efforts are not sufficient as more and more people develop a negative attitude towards the policy.


In conclusion, it is possible to state that the Common Core Policy has faced certain criticism, and major stakeholders regard it as inefficient and even harmful. Educators, students, and parents stress that the standards are too complicated and straightforward. They discourage students from learning and lead to the development of aversion to subjects. Though loads of materials are available to educators they are still unable to integrate the standards into their lesson effectively and lessons turn into preparation for tests. This practice should be abandoned, and the policy should be reconsidered.

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There should be certain standards in education as it helps students to get ready for their further studies and career lives. However, these standards cannot include strategies students use to do tasks. These standards should also be adequate and corresponding to the age group.

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