Education for Gifted Students


Nowadays, educators try to create perfect learning conditions to allow students to derive the maximum benefit from the process of studying. Modern educational institutions are versatile and are often adapted according to students’ needs. One of the issues is that gifted students should receive special educational treatment. It is considered that such students may face challenges due to insufficient development of certain skills, their relationships with peers, and other factors, and therefore, they need special support. In this essay, the issue will be analyzed, and the possible solutions will be discussed.

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The Issue Analysis

Education plays an essential role in the formation of students’ personalities and their moral development; moreover, at an early age, students identify their strengths and special skills. Therefore, many people believe that it is vital to help advanced students develop their talents in educational institutions. According to Ersoy and Uysal, “one of the biggest roles is assigned to teachers in identifying gifted students and assisting them” (121). Such students should benefit from the educational opportunities given to them, and consequently, should receive enough support. To assist in their education, specialists hold college competitions, give such students additional tasks of an advanced level, and help them enroll in various extracurricular courses.

Another essential factor that influences educational treatment for gifted students is that if they do not receive enough attention, they may lose motivation for further development of their skills. The general curriculum may be too simple for advanced students, and consequently, their outstanding skills may be abandoned. Teachers maintain students’ interest by providing them with more complicated tasks and additional materials. Researchers also suggest providing “sufficient information and explanation to the families of these students” (Ersoy and Uysal 122). This integrated approach would help maintain students’ motivation for studies and self-development due to support from both teachers and families.

The Challenges of Gifted Students and Possible Solutions

Many people are against the special educational treatment of gifted students because they consider it unfair to average students. Moreover, as emphasized by Ersoy and Uysal, “gifted students are subject to negative discrimination by their peers” (139). However, special treatment for talented young people should not mean the impairment of other students’ rights. At the same time, general students should be informed about the situation, and teachers and psychological counsellors should create an appropriate social environment in the class.

Furthermore, as students’ unique skills may vary, the solution is to develop special programs or courses in addition to the general curriculum. Finally, it is possible to conclude that all measures mentioned above would help gifted students receive basic education together with peers and avoid discrimination while focusing on special knowledge and skills they would like to develop.


In conclusion, even though educators are always trying to provide the best learning conditions, some of the gifted students still face challenges during the educational process. Such problems are connected with insufficient teachers’ attention, lack of motivation, and discrimination among peers. Educators need to develop unique approaches to such students taking possible negative outcomes into account. For example, they need to pay special attention to the inequality issue and negative atmosphere in the class. Proper consultation and creating individual courses and programs in addition to the general program would help gifted students derive all possible benefits from the process of studying.

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