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Educational Experiences And Significant Career Goals

Here’s an invitation to my world; as a child, l grew up in a free environment where one could discover and let themselves loose. One day, as we were with my playmates sprinkling water at each other from a nearby stream, one of us saw a frog.

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I wanted to see what was beneath its patchy skin. With very little knowledge of what l was doing, l took hold of an old razor, thorn and piece of bamboo thread. After viewing its insides, l sawed it up and off the frog limped! This was my first encounter with science and little did l know that this would blossom and grow into a passion.

Pakistani is my country of origin – in that country medical care is but a privilege. Consequently, l lost my uncle who could not even afford his own treatment. L watched him as life slowly sipped out of his limb body without being able to do something.

I realized the only way l can help such a people is through treating them. I appreciate the fact that many people in our community lack basic needs like healthcare. If l qualify to practice medicine, then l will establish a free clinic to help them and hopefully brighten up someone’s life.

I also believe that l posses the right personal traits to become a practicing doctor. Studying medicine is a weighty course and l posses the right attitude to make it. I am a hard worker-l wont stop until the job gets done! Besides, l am highly organized and a fast learner who works extremely well under pressure.

My academic achievements do not mean that l am a one dimensional individual. Contrary to that, l have had quite a number of significant experiences worth mentioning. First and foremost l have done community work including cleaning up in adapt a road program, volunteering at a public library and tutoring students with their homework. In addition to the above, l have received cadet of the month and distinguished cadet.

Besides these, l love engaging in numerous outdoor activities like Bike riding, hunting, fishing, bike riding and it has been my secret desire to sky dive some day. Incase weather conditions are not very conducive, then l frequently read magazines about technology, cars, body building and National geographic. Or alternatively, l collects gadgets and coins from all over the world. I have worked in a gas station too.

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I blend very well with people. This occurred when l came to America – a place with a culture totally different from Pakistani’s. But l adapted easily and quickly to this environment and now one cannot even tell the difference!

The latter activities testify to my diversity and dynamism. My motto has always been that: if you want something really badly then nothing is unachievable in this world. The areas l would like to specialize in will be Internal medicine as I have a very clear picture of the direction l would like my career to take.

I would love to make my community a better place to live in and medicine is the tool with which l can achieve this. I hope that one day, people will say, Khan changed my life for the better. This is the reason l wake up every morning.

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