Musical Career: Personal Philosophy and Career Goals


Personal views on career and the ways of achieving goals are the natural component of self-analysis and self-development. In the process of thinking about professional priorities, each person creates individual images and stages that can enable him or her to solve problems and potential challenges. Regarding my personal beliefs and preferences, I intend to associate my career with music since it is this area that makes me the most interested. However, here, as in any other industry, it is essential to think out a strategy for creative growth and development as a specialist correctly. Based on my individual mission statement, personal musical philosophy, and career goals, I can present a comprehensive picture of how I see my future associated with the art of music.

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Personal Mission Statement

My goal is not only to become a good musician but also to enjoy the pleasures that life offers. I play the alto saxophone, and for me, this instrument is associated with harmony and sensuality. The desire to enjoy everyday life and take up even routine activities with joy is what I strive for and what I learn. Music is perhaps one of the stimuli when achieving inner harmony, and that is why my regular training allows me to understand the whole range of feelings that the alto saxophone’s melodic motifs reveal. My mission statement is similar to a motto and is associated with the desire to see the good in everything, regardless of how this or that event can affect a personal fate and, in particular, career.

Enjoying the world and comprehending its harmony are the virtues offered by unity with music. Diving into the sea of beautiful and mysterious melodies, it is possible to forget about worries, fears, and other human problems. When improving a certain skill, any person begins to understand the world better due to an opportunity to enrich oneself and create something on one’s own. Whether it is playing a musical instrument, painting, or any other type of art, the realization of personal potential through creativity makes it possible to understand the concept of harmony. This, in turn, contributes to finding the good where other people do not see it.

An ability to create a semblance of a shield against external irritants is a valuable property that is particularly necessary today. Severe political disputes, armed conflicts, and other manifestations of aggression have become the inherent aspects of everyday life. The aforementioned principle of negativity rejection is part of my self-development program, and enhancing my current skills as a musician may help me in further efforts to achieve harmony with the world.

Therefore, my mission statement is associated with searching for ways of abstracting from external fuss, and music may be one of the tools for achieving this goal. In order to implement my plan effectively, it is essential to have a sufficiently clear strategy of work and self-development. Since music is my key interest, I should concentrate on this type of activity and adhere to the philosophy that reflects my inner state as accurately as possible. In this case, I probably will be able to achieve the desired heights and realize myself as a professional.

Personal Musical Philosophy

In my individual musical philosophy, there are no special concepts or complex doctrines. The whole essence of my idea regarding the considered art form is that regular training is comparable with the practice of developing personal capabilities in various professions. When athletes prepare for competitions, they train actively and change their lifestyle. When the military plans strategic moves, they examine all tactical schemes carefully and study all the possible outcomes.

Accordingly, from my point of view, music lessons have a similar principle, and if a person has a desire to achieve high success in this field of art, it is significant to devote a sufficient amount of time to training. I consider this approach the only successful one because regardless of the presence or absence of talent, almost anyone can develop certain skills. Since I have a love of music and play the alto saxophone regularly, I believe that such a philosophy may help me to improve my skills constantly, thereby contributing to successful employment.

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My love for music is due to the emotions that this genre of art gives. Melodies are able to awaken in the souls of people warmth, delight, worries, joy, and other strong feelings. I play the alto saxophone, and this instrument seems to me romantic and, at the same time, powerful enough. Many people associate it with incendiary dances and jazz rhythms. Nevertheless, today, not only fast melodies are played with the help of the instrument.

According to CMUSE, “the work of classical saxophone keeps expanding,” and numerous classical compositions performed with its help sound solemn. Therefore, the possibilities of this musical instrument are great, which allows me to expand my potential constantly.

My desire to major in music is also related to the fact that this sphere can give me an opportunity to not only earn money but also to do what I love. When a person has the possibility of connecting his or her life with the work that brings pleasure, it is a significant success and the result of properly placed priorities. I have always had a taste for music, and in the future, I hope that I will be able to turn this type of activity into my main occupation. Otherwise, I do not see the point of long training and constant self-improvement since it is for this purpose that I strive to develop my skills and prove my professionalism. This philosophy is close to me, and I intend to follow it until I achieve success.

Career Goals

Linking one’s life with music means devoting oneself to not only playing an instrument but also exploring other aspects of this art form. Moreover, in the future, I intend to change my qualifications because at the moment, I am fascinated with the subject of musical engineering, and the DJ profession seems to be promising and fascinating. In general, this area contains many unique nuances that classical musicians have never encountered.

Due to the development of technology, today, there is no need to create an ensemble and engage talented performers. Modern musical equipment offers great opportunities, and with appropriate training and education, it is possible to achieve significant heights. This step in my career will allow me to gain valuable experience, and comparing two different types of music will give me an opportunity to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each of the activities. In addition, it will be my personal development as a specialist, and success or failure will depend on me.

Nonetheless, colleagues’ help is the integral component of even such an activity. The profession of a DJ is met contradictory by some skeptics due to the fact that, at first glance, it has no complexities. When an ignorant viewer watches someone who controls a console, he or she may have a false impression. As Singh and Khatak note, “some who have no experience as a DJ may think that being a DJ only requires one to play music if the DJ does not perform scratching or play” (1).

However, in order to become a professional in this field, it is essential to have not only a sense of rhythm and hearing but also other skills. An ability to play one or more musical instruments is welcome because to create unique melodies, individual work may be required. In addition, successful duets with other performers can attract additional public attention. I realize that I will have to study hard enough to learn all the nuances of this work. Nevertheless, I am interested in this type of occupation, and I will be glad to open new possibilities of music for myself.

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My individual mission statement and career goals are closely related to music, which explains my desire to improve myself in this area. I consider the possibility of achieving harmony with the outside world as one of the key goals. My musical philosophy implies a constant search for new ways of self-development and hard training. This activity is valuable for the formation of professional skills. Despite the fact that in the future, I plan to link my life with the field of musical engineering, I do not intend to stop developing my abilities. The DJ profession requires knowledge and proficiency in various instruments, and I am sure that my current experience will contribute to my growth as a specialist.

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