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Effective Management Skills Lecture Reflection

Prior Knowledge and Learning

Effective management is associated with the power to influence and persuade others to work towards common organizational goals in order to achieve the desired objectives through their input (Islam and Ismail, 2008). The art of influencing others to behave in ways that will be mutually beneficial to both parties has been prevalent in society since times immemorial. Effective managers are those who create a proper climate to ensure optimal results (Steers and Porter, 1983). Two areas that are of crucial importance in the area of management include influencing and persuasion.

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Session description and Summary

Effects skills of permission enable managers to become leaders through the art of making people act and behave in a particular manner. Successful influencing is a necessity in management which is possible through certain essential traits including positivism, assertiveness, clear goals, flexible approach, and the ability to build good interpersonal relations with large groups of people by treating them as allies rather than enemies.

The art of persuasion is required for effective management and leadership and enables individuals to convince another person to accept a certain point of view. Persuasion necessitates the ability to engage in a process of giving and take without being dogmatic about personal viewpoint (Conger, 1988). Persuasion requires a set of skills including appropriate behavior, strong fluent speech, gestures, eye contact, and the ability to appreciate others. Other crucial traits which are vital for effective persuasion and influencing are the ability to consult and involve people in the decision-making process, the ability to inspire people and motivate them to perform, and understanding the perspective of others. However, one of the most crucial traits to succeed as persuasive and influential leaders is the ability to plan for success and prepare oneself for the potential audience.

What I learned from the lecture

From the lecture, I learned that managers cannot be coercive to won over people and each situation will necessitate different skills to effectively influence people. The best management policy is to try and think of a solution that will be beneficial to both parties involved through an appropriate planning approach. In order to succeed, managers are required to take into create plans for negotiations and adhere to these plans so that goals can be achieved.


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