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Emily’s List: Organization’s Purpose

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Group’s Goals

The group in question is aimed at addressing the lack of equality in contemporary society. Particularly, the focus on the rights of women in the modern world and their further integration into the realm of politics, economics, finances, and other areas of the state’s functioning, is by what Emily’s list can be characterized.

The issue of abortion has been on the social agenda for quite a while, yet it remains one of the most controversial subjects to date. The reasons for the identified situation to take place are rather obvious. Since the subject matter appeals to people’s emotional side rather than to the logical one, it triggers heated arguments. Furthermore, since a lot of people base their judgment on the issue of their religious beliefs, the discussion becomes even more convoluted. As a result, the voices of the pro-choice movement participants are rather hard to hear. Emily’s List is one of the organizations that allow women to choose to terminate a pregnancy without having to justify their decision and showing public repentance for their actions (“Ellen R. Malcolm” EmilyList.org).

The purpose of the organization, therefore, concerns shedding light on the effects of depriving women of the opportunity to make a conscious choice between giving birth and making an abortion. Particularly, the members of Emily’s List raise awareness about the issue of abortion. However, apart from the identified issue, the organization also addresses a wider range of issues connected with the problem of gender profiling in the contemporary world. For instance, the concern regarding the glass ceiling as one of the primary obstacles on women’s way to succeeding in the domains of finances, politics, etc., has been the focus of Emily’s List representatives over the past few years (“Stronger Together: The Power of Women Senators” YouTube.com). Therefore, the promotion of equality, in general, can be viewed as the main focus of the organization at present.

Tools for Achieving the Goals

The organization uses public speeches and the support of women in politics as the primary tools for achieving its goals. Furthermore, the funds collected by Emily’s List are used to encourage the increase in inequality and address the gender issues that can be observed in contemporary society.

Efficiency in Achieving the Goals

When assessing the effects that the activity of Emily’s List has on the lives of women in the United States and beyond, one must admit that the progress is defined not only by the efforts of the organization members but also by the social and political constraints. Therefore, even though the modern society lacks equality significantly, and that the gender issue remains the subject of discord, the fact that the problem is discussed shows that the members of Emily’s List are on the right track.

However, some of the aspects of the group’s functioning raise questions concerning the appropriateness of the tools that its members use to advance its ideas in the global community. Particularly, the process of promoting crucial ideas of the organization and recruiting new members, as well as spreading awareness about the subject matter, need to be reconsidered. Despite the fact that the organization members have been using the available information resources quite wisely, they clearly lack the device that will serve as the platform for keeping the target audience updated on the essential information. Furthermore, it is recommended that the participants of the group and the visitors could be provided with an opportunity to converse in the environment of the global community. In other words, the focus on using the latest technological advances as the means of enhancing the communication process must be viewed as a necessity at present.

Furthermore, the issues associated with the possible backlash from the people that do not support the movement must be managed. There is no need to stress that, by starting an open discussion in the realm of the Internet, the group members open themselves to not only criticism but also possible attacks of opponents. Hence, it is crucial to come up with the communication framework that will allow for the fast and efficient management of conflicts both within the group and between the community members and their opponents.

An overview of the group’s activities has also shown that to promote the ideas of equality in the environment of the global community, one will have to gather a significant amount of patience. As stressed above, cultural and religion-based prejudices top the list of reasons for inequality to remain part and parcel of the global community. However, dismissing the opponent’s point of view immediately and openly will most likely trigger a negative response. Therefore, a compromise must be developed so that both parties could feel respected and encouraged to change.

Finally, the problems associated with the concept of social taboos need to be mentioned as one of the crucial issues raised by the members of the said group. As explained above, while advocating for women’s rights, in general, Emily List focuses specifically on the issue of abortion. As an overview of the information provided by the organization shows, the reason for the issue to be so complicated is that it cannot even be talked about properly. Being one of the most stigmatized experiences in the modern world, abortion is rarely addressed at every level of social and personal life. Therefore, it is evident that the problem must not be silenced; instead, it is necessary to encourage the women that have experienced it to tell about their perspective of the subject matter.

In other words, a brief analysis of the actions that the participants of the group have taken so far points to the need to tackle some of the most controversial social issues head-on. As long as a problem, be it the issue of abortion, the concerns regarding social and gender inequality, etc., can be openly discussed by the people that are affected by it, it can be resolved successfully. More importantly, in the course of the discussion, the people on both sides are likely to realize that they have a lot in common with their opponents and, therefore, that a compromise can be found (“Ellen R. Malcolm” EmilyList.org). The success of the leaders of Emily’s List has shown that women can attain success in the modern world. As a result, the progress of the group has opened new horizons for women worldwide, encouraging them to fend for their rights. The members of Emily’s List honestly warn that the battle will not be easy and that the opponents will not fight fair, yet the collaboration and the sense of community that its members provide will support every proponent of equal rights.

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