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Employees Training in the Workplace

I am writing to you to request the permission to conduct research on the important problem that the management should address. In particular, the company should improve the training of employees because this task will be critical for the sustainability of the organization.

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Problem Statement

Currently, the company faces considerable challenges originating from external changes, such as new technological developments and competition. However, the organization has to struggle with the increasing employee turnover and inability of many workers to adjust to new production methods and quality standards.

Purpose and scope of work

This study has to examine the ways in which the company can promote the development of employees’ skills. The research will not cover other aspects of HR management such as performance appraisal or compensation.

Sources and methods of data collection

Literature review will be the main method of collecting information about the strategies which companies apply in order to improve the training of workers.


The management can address these problems by improving the training offered to workers. In particular, it is vital to provide orientation training to new hires. At present, this element of HR management is missing. Secondly, the company should set up regular workshops for employees who need to update their skills. These are the main interventions that the organization should implement.

Benefit One

By improving the training of workers, the management will bring several tangible improvements. First of all, the company can make the workforce more responsive to technological changes (McDonnell, 2012). In particular, these people will be able to use new equipment, machinery, or software. Furthermore, these people will better adjust to new production methods.

Benefit Two

Apart from that, the implementation of workshops is important for increasing the autonomy of employees. In particular, the managers will not have to supervise these people continuously (McDonnell, 2012). Therefore, the implementation of workshops will contribute to the success of the company.

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Benefit Three

Apart from that, the management should provide more resources for the implementation of orientation program. The main problem is that currently many new workers hired by the company tend to quit at the initial stages of their career in the organization. In turn, researchers argue that at least 40 percent of all companies perceive orientation program as an effective method of improving the retention of workers (American Society for Training and Development, 2008, p. 40). Additionally, this policy is critical for increasing the loyalty of these people. These are some of the benefits that one can identify.

Cost Analysis

One should also keep in mind the orientation training programs are important for the reduction of costs. Approximately, 65 percent of HR costs are related to the replacement of those workers who choose to leave the company (Cascio & Boudreau, 2010, p. 110). Therefore, the investment in this policy will eventually break even.


Hopefully, you will consider the recommendations provided in this letter. The proposed interventions can significantly enhance the performance of the company. Moreover, they can improve the retention of employees. Overall, it is possible to say that the improvement of the training procedures will be vital for the sustainability of the company.

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