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Google Inc.’s Human Resource Management and Success


Google is an international company that deals with computing, adverts technologies, and internet exploration. Its main aim is to organize all the world facts and make this information useful and available to everyone. The company has advanced so much that it has changed the way we undertake our research as well as advertising companies’ products (Scott 3). Almost everyone around the world is relying on Google in a number of ways. For instance, students all over the world are relying on Google to obtain educational materials. This paper will address the extent to which performance management is effective at Google Corporation. This will be achieved by analyzing the human resource management of the company. This analysis will determine how the HR department has helped the company to succeed in its activities.

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Google has more than one million attendants in the statistics centers located in different parts of the world. These attendants deal with more than one billion exploration requests, and approximately twenty-four generated user statistics petabytes in a day (Scott 4). Ever since Google was incorporated, it has grown at a high rate such that the company has been able to acquire various properties, associated with many partnerships, and has innovated several products such as online Gmail software, social network tools, and Google Buzz (Vise 6). In addition, it provides the following products: a desktop with a Google chrome browser, software for editing, an organization for Picasa photo, and the instant application Google talk for messages. Google has been one of the powerful brands and the leading developer of the Android phone’s operational system, which is mostly used in many phones like Motorola Droid and Nexus. In fact, this corporation deserves a reward for incorporating a perilous project and brought it in the market for the public.

The Google HR department has employed people who have various qualities and skills of mind, and one has to be a university top rank person. These employees are encouraged to be inventive and creative at the workplace. The HR management recognized that, for them to uphold their rapid growth, the corporation had to invent new products though the company was facing various difficulties in inventing new ideas and transforming them into prosperous products (Storey 29). The management went on and developed a web page for pursuing new thoughts as a way of expression since they had the ideas but lacked the best method of expression. The Google enrolling process has been condemned mostly by analysts. Some of them believe that the company had a decently organized culture while others are convinced that the corporation has a bad culture. The analyst argued that the recruitment process was narrow, as Google was only concerned with the educational records and graduate levels of the candidates, but they did not care about their experiences.

Several reasons have made Google Corporation be in better rapid growth. Some of the reasons include: the company offers the required resources for transforming the inventive thoughts into reality, and every customer thought has been recognized as useful to improve the company. There is also a group of people to boost the speed and creativeness of the corporation. The management has provided a flexible working atmosphere and a lot of fun in the office. Nowadays, the market demands a lot of invention and trust rather than just the sales analysis and the market share. Google management has put much effort into eliminating the global recession and make sure that all the employees are committed to the company. The HR department has been the mentor to the workers through guiding, training, and educating them on the issues of the corporation though there are some workers who are competent and fully trained. These few competent workers handle the customers effectively, thus increasing customer satisfaction as well as increasing the corporation reputation. The effective planning of HR has brought major achievements in the corporation.

The successfulness of Google Company is maintained by the HR department by making sure that all workers are fully dedicated and committed to the company work with their complete honesty (Girard 37).The management tries their best to motivate employees and this encourages them to continue working on their creative thoughts. The HR department makes sure that the market changes are not negatively affected by the amount of resources involved in encouraging the employees to be fully committed to the company work. The management have been working on, studying and acknowledging the workers ideas and providing any possible room for creativeness and invention. The Google HR management provides healthy growing and educating opportunities to the employees such as sessions of feedback delivery, executive conversation, business writing, management, solely and group skill presentation, and business development. Google has also sponsored several foreign languages such as, Japanese, Spanish and French for the workers.

The HR department offers special training programs for engineers, such as career development, training and orientation sessions (Guest 347). It has improved on leadership by developing leadership programs for backing up the future leaders. The management has been encouraging engineers to collaborate with each other, as this has brought success in the corporation by combining their creativeness. They are standards indicating how the employees are supposed to behave such as respect each other, remain confidential to the company, protect the assets of the Google, and maintain good relations both internally and externally. Google employees are also motivated through provision of short term financial incomes from work and supporting anything that could make the employees to be more creative. Employees’ needs are also taken care of by making sure that they are provided with the least services they would worry about like car wash, oil checking services and salons (Guest 348).

The corporation has grown very rapidly within a short period of time. It compensates its employees without favor or delay as it has an excellent equity. Google workers have been the drive in the development of the products. When new products are released, they are circulated internally where the workers provides feedback to the managers and engineers who made it. HR department maintains that there should be no retaliation of employees in case of violation of the workers conduct. The ‘no retaliation’ and the conduct of the workers policy demonstrate the bold ethical behavior in the corporation. Good relations within the organization ensures that low level employees are able to raise certain issues without any fear as they are allowed to discuss anything with anyone including the managers. The top management considers ideas raised by other employees very useful. The HR management aim is to maintain good relations between the employees and the top management as well as the whole public at large.

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Effective management of the Google Corporation has made it attain rapid and great success. The management has empowered the workers a lot thus encouraging them to remain creative and transform their great thoughts into prosperous reality. The management has ensured that the company image is maintained by firing the illegitimate workers in accordance to the prevalent laws. Google HR management normally conducts a thorough research on resource management to ensure that they are able to compete with others and be in a position to handle business changes.

The HR management has faced some failures here and there but they have grown strong through the lessons they learn from these failures. One of the failures is the inability of the management to apply some creative thoughts brought out by talented employees (ICMR 1). By admitting and embracing this failure is a way of dealing with innovation. The management tries to ensure that corporation engineers deliver the greatest search results which the world at large wants to know.

Every day, the Google results is changing the world lives through its daily innovation in these challenging moments as their aim is to deliver the information that the user is searching for. The management tries their best and make sure that they does not take long to convey the results because if this happens the corporation will lose the world attention and trust (ICMR 1).

Google HR department have a problem of choosing only top performing students as their employees. The management candidates who have excellent academic records in the university might not be successful when we come to the real job. The Google HR forgets that a candidate might not have good academic records, but could have a lot of experience in the search fields and could work better than the candidate with excellent academic results. The Google HR should stop their academic candidature elimination method and focus on the candidate experience, integrity, ability and honesty.

The HR uses most of the corporation resources to make sure that innovative ideas are transformed into reality (Girard 23). They spend a lot of money in delivering the search results to many screens through phones operational systems and browsers. Generally, these methods are very expensive to make the channels accessible for distribution. A lot of money is also spent on engineers for them to encourage them to bring the expected search results. The management spends a lot of resources by making every way possible that employees will be able to remain creative and inventive and also to turn these ideas into successful reality of the corporation. The management should try to minimize these costs by dealing with the ideas that they think will be prosperous to the company. The method of motivating the workers should be minimal so that they do not spoil them by overdoing it.


The Google Corporation was incorporated in 1998 and has grown very rapidly because of its effective management of the HR department. This department has enrolled the very competent workers who are well trained and educated in the Google field. The HR offers training and education to the few who are not well trained. Though the process of educating and training them is very expensive, the HR allows this so that employees will be creative, inventive and transform their great thoughts into successful reality. The corporation stills uses a lot of resources in the process of distributing the search results through the channels, browsers and mobile phones.

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